Rains come to relief, but fertiliser shortage adds woes to farmers

Kathmandu, June 28

Fertiliser shortage in Nepal is causing a lot of problems for farmers all across Nepal.

Despite the monsoon rain coming to their relief, lack of fertilisers during the season of rice plantation is causing a lot of problems for farmers as only 10 per cent of arable land has been cultivated so far.

Chief of Agriculture Knowledge Center, Dil Bahadur Bista said the government had to import below-par fertiliser to meet the demand.

Many farmers complain they have had to buy fertilisers for as much as Rs 2,500 per sack which they feel is extortion.

“Many farmers are not able to transplant rice for lack of chemical fertiliser,” says Sanjay Rana a farmer from Bedkot municipality.

He added that since there is no supply from the government, farmers ad going to India to bring fertilisers. Even the police have stopped doing anything as they’re allowing them to bring one sack a day as the municipality’s agriculture office only provided farmers half a sack of fertilisers.

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