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In this modern world, you would agree that many new products are launched regularly. These are then promoted and later available in the market for consumption or use by the public. If you were to be a product designer, you would understand all the hard work and skill that is put into the art of creating a new product that satisfies the public demand.

One such amazing product designer is Roshaan Saeed. Also a community Strategist with over 10+ long stretches of corporate experience. As of now, Roshaan Saeed is working with Afiniti as Sr. Product Architect, an Artificial Intelligence-based US organization. Featured as the Wonder Woman in Afiniti, she has always delivered a remarkable job at what she does. Her previous undertakings include CRMs and ERPs for the medical services and big data industry. Her past few projects also include Al-Jazeera, Gulf Group, Hugo, BabyScripts & Madar Farms, for which she worked as a UX Engineer.

Roshaan began her professional journey at an exceptionally youthful age. She is a business person, community leader, a successful UI/UX specialist, and most important an empowered and independent woman who doesn’t have restricted convictions and is continually endeavoring to grow further.

She established ‘Stippple,’ a community-based initiative and platform for techies and artists who can offer their services to the global market. However, Stippple isn’t restricted to any sexual orientation it profoundly urges ladies to unleash their potential through mentorship and showcase their work to an International audience eventually supporting higher earnings and an improved lifestyle.

For the past few years, She has been building communities, bringing together the great minds of the industry, budding artists and designers, the audience who love tech, designs, and art. She has managed to bring onboard international partners i.e. Glug, Fiverr, Sketch, and Dribbble to Pakistan and collectively she has organized 35 virtual and physical meetups which were participated by around 4000+ participants.

Her success doesn’t end here, Roshaan Saeed continues to achieve more and is known for her best performances throughout her career journey. She has also co-founded a mental health awareness wellbeing program ‘Khyaal,’ where they conduct sessions on mental health awareness and connect patients with psychotherapists, psychiatrists, and energy healers.

Apart from these, she also has been welcomed for television appearances, alongside she has also coached many successful programs like TechCamp by the US state of the department, Code for Pakistan & Facebook CLC. Roshaan Saeed has also won the first prize in Worldbank Hackathon 2019. She is also a TechWomen fellow of the US exchange program.

Check her social media: Facebook, and Instagram.

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