Monsoon development: Rs 52 billion spent in 25 days, 50% of the annual budget is left for 7 days

Kathmandu, July 10

The government has spent around Rs 52 billion from the development expenditure of the annual budget in the past 25 days. However, it still has to spend 50 per cent of the annual development budget in the next seven days.

It means the government could not get rid of theĀ problem of the low spending capacity of the annual budget this year also, which would ultimately result in a lot of development and construction work in the final monsoon months of the fiscal year in haste. Such a tendency is ultimately blamed for poor development works.

The government had initially allocated Rs 378.09 billion in capital expenditure for the current fiscal year (mid-July 2021 to mid-July 2022). However, it was scaled down to Rs 340.32 billion in the budget revision.

Yet, in 11 months of the year, the government had been able to spend only Rs 137 billion of the amount, informs theĀ Financial Comptroller General Office. This was 36.49 per cent of the revised target of the annual budget.

But, in the first 25 days of the final month, it spent Rs 52 billion, and the figure reached Rs 189 billion. It is 50.11 per cent of the development budget allocated for the current fiscal year.

The end of the fiscal year is just seven days away, but the government has to spend around 50 per cent of the development budget. It is a clear indication that the target will not be met.

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