No progress in chaotic central committee meeting of Maoist Center – Sanjib Bagale

The central committee meeting of CPN (Maoist Center) held on Thursday was expected to finalize the party’s office-bearers, and politburo and standing committee but ended without finalizing any.

Finalizing office-bearers, and politburo and standing committee was even included in the meeting’s agenda. However, Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal concluded the meeting without finalizing any of them.

Dahal had said in the afternoon that the politburo would have 125 members. However, there was confusion and uproar even as he read out the names of politburo members twice, with some leaders pointing that their names were not included in the list.

But some names were still missing and Dahal asked the hall to endorse the proposal to make a 125-strong politburo pointing that the names can be finalized later. The hall then applauded in endorsement.

But many central members continued to protest leading to adjournment of the meeting for an hour. Dahal read the names again including over 150 members the third time after the meeting resumed.

When the leaders pointed that the list included more than 125 members he stated that the remaining were alternative politburo members and can enjoy all the rights and role of actual members apart from the statutory works at the time of split in the party.

He said the confusion in the name of politburo members was due to his busy schedule on Tuesday and Wednesday leading to repetition of some names and exclusion of others. He revealed that the standing committee will be 41-strong including 15 from the last one.

Far from finalizing the office-bearers, he did not even reveal the number of office-bearers despite claiming that he had figured out the leaders to be included. “Narayan Kaji Shrestha is the obvious senior vice-chairman. Matrika Yadav may oppose that but others may not,” he stated. “I can read out all the names even now. But please don’t ask me to read the names now.”

He assured that he would conclude the list of office-bearers within a few days making everyone happy. “I will conclude the names making everyone’s face bright. Do applaud to endorse this for now.”

The hall then applauded in unison to end the meeting.

Published Date: Thursday, July 7, 2022, 19:28:00

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