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It’s a well-known fact that sports in general are very popular around the globe. However each continent and each country in the world has one or two sports that are most popular among the local populace. 

For example, people in the U.S. like to go over MLB picks and guess the MLB predictions even though football is considered the national sport. Even though there are a lot of personal preferences, most people come together when the country’s sport is in question. With that in mind, let’s have a look at some of the most popular sports around the globe. 

Most popular sports in Asia

There are a few sports that are popular in Asia. One of the most popular is cricket. Cricket is played in many countries in Asia, including India, Pakistan, and Nepal.

However, believe it or not, the most popular sport in Asia is association football or simply soccer. Soccer is played in many countries in Asia, including and has, therefore, gained a lot of popularity over the years. Other popular sports in Asia include table tennis, swimming and baseball.

Most popular sports in the Untied States

There are a few sports that are particularly popular in the United States. Football, basketball, and baseball are all widely followed, with football being the most popular by far. Other sports that are also popular include ice hockey, golf, and tennis. The United States is the birthplace of basketball but that sports in third place when it comes to popularity preceded by baseball and American football. 

Most Popular sports in Europe

There are a variety of popular sports in Europe, ranging from team sports such as football and basketball to individual sports such as tennis. Football is by far the most popular sport in Europe, with millions of fans across the continent. The sport is played in almost every country in Europe, with top-level leagues in England, Spain, Italy, Germany, and France. 

Basketball is another hugely popular sport in Europe, particularly in Spain and Turkey. The sport has a large following in other countries too, including Greece, Russia, and many others. Lastly, tennis is a hugely popular individual sport in Europe, with many of the world’s top players coming from the continent. Other popular sports include water polo, handball and cycling, among other sports, of course. 

There are a few sports that rise to the top when considering popularity. Each country has their own most loved and most popular sport that usually overshadows others but never in a way where one sport undermines the importance of others. 

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