UML adamant on Finance Minister Sharma’s removal

The main opposition CPN-UML has remained adamant on Finance Minister Janardan Sharma’s removal from his post.

UML Chief Whip Bishal Bhattarai said on Wednesday that they are firm on their demand for Sharma’s resignation even though the ruling coalition is ready to form a parliamentary committee to investigate him.

“They are ready to form an investigation committee but our conditions are his removal and parliamentary investigation,” said Bhattarai. “If Sharma continues as finance minister, our protest will continue.”

Earlier on Wednesday morning CPN (Maoist Center) had decided to hold talks with UML. However, Bhattarai said that there have been no talks between the two parties so far.

Meanwhile, Speaker Agni Sapkota has asked political parties to provide names for members of the parliamentary committee that is to investigate allegations against Sharma.

Sapkota called the chief whips of political parties on Wednesday afternoon and sought names for formation of the parliamentary committee.

“The speaker has been holding informal discussions with the whips,” said Gopalnath Yogi, secretary at the House of Representatives. “The meeting that was called for 11 am has been postponed to 2 pm due to homework on the committee.”

Sapkota will inform during the House meeting who will be the members of the committee for investigation on Sharma.

Published Date: Wednesday, July 6, 2022, 14:54:00

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