Tehrathum declared ‘dhaka capital’ | Ratopati

TERATHUM, July 5 : Tehrathum district has been declared the ‘capital of dhaka clothes’. The Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supply, and Myanglung Municipality jointly made such announcement, organizing a programme at Myanglung bazaar on Monday.

In the recent time, dhaka clothes have been major source of income in the district. The dhaka clothes are produced especially by the Limbu community. The district was announced the ‘capital of dhaka’ in a bid to promote dhaka industry along with development of necessary skills, publicity, entrepreneurship, diversification and commercialization.

Ministry Secretary Arjun Prasad Pokhrel declared the district as ‘capital of dhaka clothes’ in the programme. In the programme, varieties of local cuisines and cultural pageants were also displayed. Similarly, Mayor at Myanglung Municipality, Sanjay Kumar Tumbahamphe, informed that the local government was providing training on weaving dhaka clothes.

Time has come to promote the culture of dhaka weaving at every home, he stressed. Marketing of the product is equally imperative. A total of 145 dhaka industries have been registered at the Office of Small and Cottage Industries, Tehrathum. However, it is estimated that more than 1,000 dhaka industries are running without being officially registered.

The Office further shared that the number of people getting training on dhaka weaving has reached more than 10,000. The industry has given employment to 5,000 people in the district. However, the entrepreneurs have complained that they were facing shortage of raw materials and proper marketing of the products.

Entrepreneur Shova Dahal hoped their problems would be solved after the district is declared ‘capital of dhaka clothes.’ The dhaka garments as sari, blouse, daura suruwal, coat, tie, muffler, kurta are being supplied across the country and exported as well.

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