Oli demands parliamentary probe into outsiders’ involvement in budget preparation

CPN-UML Chairman KP Sharma Oli has demanded parliamentary investigation into alleged involvement of middlemen during budget preparation.

Speaking at a meeting of the House of Representatives (HoR) on Monday, the main opposition leader said that it is a matter of international shame that outsiders were involved in preparing the budget.

“If budget is prepared by involving outsiders, what could be a matter of more international shame than this?” said Oli.

He also remarked that Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba was helpless.

“The prime minister is in a helpless position. Is it enough to save the coalition even if the country goes to ruins?” said Oli.

Oli has demanded that the involvement of outsiders in budget preparation be investigated and its report presented in the parliament.

Oli had earlier also alleged that kickbacks were taken before bringing in businessmen’s representatives for the budget-making process.

There have been reports that Finance Minister Janardan Sharma had involved people from outside the ministry to change some tax rates while preparing the budget.

Refuting such allegations, Minister Sharma had stated in parliament that unauthorized persons were not involved in preparing the budget.

Oli also alleged that the CCTV footage of the Finance Ministry was deleted.

After CCTV footage of the Finance Ministry was sought exercising the right to information, the ministry had stated that CCTV footage of more than 13 days is not kept in the server.

However, Oli accused that the video was deleted.

“Let’s have a parliamentary investigation. It is necessary in such matters. One cannot even imagine preparing the budget by involving middlemen,” said Oli. “What could be a bigger farce of destroying the economy? The prime minister should express commitment to investigate. He cannot remain silent thinking his government and ministers can do anything. The investigation report should come. If he is innocent in that report, then it is okay.”

He added that the prime minister himself should be responsible in a parliamentary system.

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