Kathmandu city for further action against couple thrashed for selling roasted corns on the road

Kathmandu, July 3

The Kathmandu metropolitan city says it will take further action against a couple who were thrashed on Friday for selling roasted corns on the roadside pedestrian pavement in the Baluwatar area.

The city’s police unit says they will be punished as they resisted the police effort to remove them from the pavement.

The Kathmandu city police chief Dhanapati Sapkota says they had attacked the police with burning firewood while the police tried to stop them from obstructing the people’s movement on the pavement.

“The government officials have been manhandled on the road. So, do you need to honour them instead of taking action,” Sapkota says, “We have already begun a procedure to take action against them.”

A video showing a couple of Chetendra Acharya and Sita Acharya being assaulted by the city police turned viral on social media on Friday, and the users have poured their sympathies to them. Further, in an interview with Kantipur, the couple have also accused the police of taking action after the couple refused to pay a bribe.

On the bribery issue, Sapkota says he will investigate it and make an appropriate decision.

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