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As Nepal tries to revive its tourism industry, it would be a good idea to hand out Visitor Feedback Questionnaires for dear and departing passengers to fill out while they wait for delayed frights out of Kathmandu airport. 

It helps them kill time, provides valuable feedback so Nepal can improve its tourism sector, allowing it to fine tune its product range, upgrade quality, streamline procedures so that we find out where we don’t yet charge entry fees to visitors. 

Filling multiple choice questionnaires is no joke. It is like taking a final exam, needing deep concentration, the power of evaluation and subjective judgement. 

The questionnaire can be a revenue-generating source if tourists are also charged $5 for taking the trouble to fill out the form. The money will be used to print more questionnaires for future feedback. We aim to please, and realise that there is always room for improvement to make your stay in Nepal more profitable for us. 

Please be so kind as to take a few moments of your time to complete this short survey. The information you provide will be held in strictest confidence, unless of course you decide to be nasty in which case we will put an Interpol Red Corner notice on you.

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