6 powerful songs by The Shadows Nepal that every hard rock fan shouldn’t miss

Nepal-based hard rock band The Shadows Nepal began performing in 1997. The band usually sing the songs about nature, politics, social justice and more. While themes are regular, they create them fantastically. The Shadows Nepal, to date, have released two albums: Suna Hamro Sano Awaaz and Hidne Manchey Ladcha. The band earned notable popularity from the second one. 

The current line-up of the band includes Swapnil Sharma on vocals, Prakash Rasaily on guitars, Sujan Manandhar on guitar, Sahil Risal on drums and Amit Pradhan on bass.  

This week, we have brought the six best powerful songs of The Shadows Nepal that you should not miss listening to:

1. Prakriti 

Prakriti is one of the oldest and most popular songs of The Shadows Nepal. The song is part of the band’s second album ‘Hidne Manchey Ladcha.’ Prakriti talks about the importance of nature. Likewise, the song also tells how human beings have been affecting the lives of nature.

2. Hidne Manchey Ladcha 

Hidne Manchey Ladcha is a motivational song that suggests not to give up. Likewise, it also tells people to fight against every difficulty that comes in their life. Another major message of the song is that one who tries to achieve something can even fail.

3. Naya Nepal 

The song Naya Nepal was released in 2014. It exposes the woeful situation of Nepal. The entire song revolves around issues like politics, infrastructure, the agony of the public and so on. This is the must-listen song for all the people in power.

4. Balaatkaari Lai Faansi Dey 

This is one of the most powerful songs of the band accompanied by emotional lyrics. Released in 2019, The song depicts the pain of a rape survivor minor. The song demands the death penalty against perpetrators.

Likewise, the song’s music video directed by Anup Sapkota is also very emotional. It can even leave the spectators in tears.

5. Maun Brata 

Released in 2015, Maun Brata is all about the vow to end the silence. In the song, the singer wants to break his silence and speak against all the unfairness and wrongdoing taking place around society. The music video of the song has also artistically presented the maintenance of silence.

6. Buddha Nepalko 

There has always been a debate with the neighbouring country India regarding the birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha. But, this song by The Shadows Nepal tells that the Buddha is from Nepal. A line from the song reads: Mero Parichaya Yei / Ma Buddha Ho Nepalko [ My identity is /I am Buddha of Nepal.] 

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