Nepal earns Rs 1.72 billion in 1 month by selling electricity to India

Kathmandu, July 1

Nepal has earned Rs 1.72 billion in one month by selling electricity to India, informs the government-run power distribution monopoly, Nepal Electricity Authority.

The authority says it earned the amount by selling power to the Indian Energy Exchange from June 2 to 30 at competitive rates. The price changes every 15 minutes in the IEX.

In this period, Nepal sold 178.191 million units at an average rate of Rs 9.67. The highest per-unit rate it received was on June 15 (Rs 15.93) and the lowest rate was on June 21 (Rs 4.92).

Likewise, Nepal earned the highest amount (Rs 72.8 million) on June 14 by selling 7.813 million units and the lowest (Rs 5.67 million) on June 14 by selling 904,800 units.

Nepal sells electricity to India in the monsoon whereas it imports the power in dry months.

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