NEA to remove all electricity poles from Kathmandu in 1 year

Kathmandu, July 1

The government-run power distribution monopoly, Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA), says it will remove all electricity poles from Kathmandu within one year.

Currently, the authority is installing underground electricity lines in the capital city, and it says it will start removing the poles that carry overhead transmission cables after around six months.

The poles with messy wires are often blamed for making Kathmandu uglier than it is.

“We are removing all electricity poles within six months to one year,” NEA Managing Director Kul Man Ghising said during a programme in Kathmandu on Friday.

He also asked internet service providers to remove their cables from the poles and use underground fibres instead.

“Otherwise, there could be a serious problem,” he warned.

All the electricity poles including those used by the ISPs are owned by the authority.

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