Yadav, Bhattarai agree for amicable split of JSP – Sanjib Bagale

Janata Samajwadi Party (JSP) Chairman Upenda Yadav and Federal Council Chairman Baburam Bhattarai have agreed for amicable split.

Yadav and Bhattarai held discussion at the parliamentary party office in Singha Durbar on Wednesday to resolve internal dispute in the ruling party. Yadav proposed a cordial split in the party during the meeting pointing that cadres have not been able to mingle properly despite similar principles and ideologies of the two leaders.

Bhattarai has agreed with the proposal, according to executive member Yubaraj Karki. “Yadav proposed for amicable split on the basis of consensus without taking action against one another,” Karki stated. “Both the chairmen are ready to leave the door open for consensus tomorrow instead of calling one another traitor and divisive now.”

A party source confided that the chairmen have agreed to even let lawmakers choose the party after split.

JSP lawmaker and executive member Amrita Agrahari, who is close to Bhattarai in recent times, also confirmed the news of amicable split. “I have also heard similar things like you have. I have not been informed about the details though,” she added.

JSP has been bitterly divided in recent times due to differences between Yadav and Bhattarai. The party formed after unification of the then Federal Socialist Party and Rastriya Janata Party (RJP) has already suffered a split after most of those coming from RJP left the party to register Loktantrik Samajwadi Party (LSP).

Bhattarai had put three conditions for Yadav including self-criticism for activities until now, picking another leader as party chair and change of federal ministers.

Published Date: Thursday, June 30, 2022, 10:55:00

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