Parsa police confiscate body from cremation pyre after suspicious death report

Birgunj, June 30

Police in the Bahudarmai municipality in Parsa of southern Nepal have confiscated a bead body from a cremation pyre after they were reported a suspicious death case.

The family of Mahima Kumari (14) had tried to cremate her body without informing the neighbours. After the locals in Bishrampur, Bahudarmai-7, knew about the incident, they reported it to the police on Wednesday night.

Following the interrogation, the family has said Mahima Kumari killed herself by poisoning, but the locals and the police have smelled a rat.

“We are investigating if it was a suicide or a murder,” DSP Prahlad Karki of the Parsa District Police Office says.

The case turned suspicious as all male members of the family are out of contact since the incident. Further, locals claim the girl was in a relationship with a boy in the village, and her guardians were against this. They had been reportedly torturing her to force her into withdrawing from the relationship.

The half-burned body has been sent to the Narayani Hospital in Birgunj for postmortem.

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