Election Commission proposes electronic voting in upcoming elections

The Election Commission has proposed use of electronic voting system in the upcoming provincial and federal elections.

Issuing a press statement on Thursday, Election Commission Spokesperson Surya Prasad Aryal revealed that a proposal for use of electronic voting machines (EVM) has already been sent. The Election Commission had even formed a committee of experts to use EVMs in the recently held local elections.

The committee had recommended to form another technical committee for authentication of the EVMs made in Nepal. Aryal said that the Election Commission could not use EVMs then in lack of time.

He added that the Election Commission has sent the proposal to take necessary decision on the committee’s report to the Cabinet through the Home Ministry considering a large proportion of invalid votes while voting through the paper ballots.

He revealed that the Election Commission has demanded that EVMs made outside Nepal be provided by mid-July if those manufactured in Nepal cannot be used. “We have corresponded through the Home Ministry to take decision to use EVMs across the country if possible, and start only at a few places now and gradually expand it elsewhere if not,” he stated.

There is legal provision for use of EVMs in elections for president and vice-president, federal and provincial lawmakers, and local representatives held in accordance to the Constitution and federal laws.

EVMs were used in six constituencies in the First Constituent Assembly (CA) Election held in 2008. It was similarly used in five constituencies in the Second CA Election in 2013.   

The Election Commission said it would also hold discussion with political parties about use of EVMs in the upcoming election.

Published Date: Thursday, June 30, 2022, 17:24:00

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