Lalitpur metropolitan city suspends open panipuri trade citing cholera threats

Lalitpur, June 26

The Lalitpur metropolitan city has barred the sale of panipuri on the roadsides of Lalitpur.

The city’s mayor, Chiri Babu Maharajan, has taken such a decision after Epidemiology and Disease Control Division found cholera-causing bacteria when it tested the water of a panipuri stall in Kathmandu.

The city will not allow any stalls to be set up on the roads of Lalitpur starting on Monday, informs the chief of metropolitan police, Sitaram Hachhethu. The decision will be in place until a further notice is given by the metropolitan city office, informs Hachhethu.

He adds that since these stalls are set up in crowded areas, the city thinks that it is best they are suspended indefinitely as it believes dust and other particles hamper the health of the people living in the city.

“We will explain this to all stall owners and remove them. You will not see a single stall from tomorrow,” says Hachhethu.

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