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Chitwan, June 27

Kajalkali, an elephant which had collapsed for the third time died in Chitwan’s Hotel Paradise on Sunday.

The hotel’s owner, Shri Lal Pariyar, who had been looking after the ill elephant, said she died on Sunday at 3.40 pm.

The elephant was buried in the place she breathed her last as per Hindu tradition, informed Pariyar.

National Trust for Nature Conservation (NTNC) veterinarian, Kiran Raj Rijal had constantly come to monitor the elephant’s situation. He said that she hadn’t been eating well for the past eight days and was always laying down.

“She tried to drink water using her trunks but she couldn’t drink it. She didn’t eat anything and was very weak,” says Rijal who said they didn’t find anything when they did her post-mortem.

Rijal said Kajalkali died because of old age, lack of proper care and weakness.

Kajalkali was bought from India around five years ago. But following the pandemic, she had been sold by her owner to someone in India. But since the government has banned the illegal cross-border sale of Nepal’s captive elephants, the animal and the person taking it to India were sent back by the police twice.

Animal rights activists had been calling for the NTNC to help her but citing lack of funds, no one from the NTNC or the government helped the ailing elephant during her last stage.

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