4,500 complaints recorded at Kathmandu city’s call centre in 20 days

Kathmandu, June 27

Over 4,500 complaints were recorded at Kathmandu metropolitan city’s call centre since it came into operation on June 7.

The call centre came into operation after Balen Shah was elected the city’s mayor.

The metropolis, in order to make the call centre effective, has hired and trained personnel in grievance redressal.

These people have been taught how to behave with the caller, keep patience and correctly jot down what the person had to say and enter it into a software program.

After a complaint is recorded by a person, it then goes through a liaison officer who looks at it, reports it to the concerned body, takes a picture of the problem before and after it is completed and files it in the city’s record.

Nam Raj Dhakal, chief of the Information Technology Department of the city government, says the centre has the capacity to receive 15 telephone calls at a time. 

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