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-N. P. Upadhyaya (Aryal)

Kathmandu: A small nation-state like Qatar exhibited its prowess to the world that when it comes to the issue of debasing the Prophet, Qatar shall retort in a befitting mode to express its logical anger that such demeaning exercises shall not be entertained any longer and from any quarters.

The message is loud and clear to whom “it is concerned”.

Nepal needs to learn the subtle diplomacy conduct from Qatar.

As the matter stood, the sitting Indian Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu was on an official visit to the State of Qatar beginning June 4.

However, the timing of Naidu’s landing in Doha, the capital of Qatari State coincided with the “brazen insult with a clear motive” of the PROPHET in India itself which, many believe, was the brainchild of the sitting Indian Prime Minister Modi who is a fanatic Hindu and the one who is all set to bring about what as per Khuswant Singh the “End of India” sooner than later.
The Indian media (the Godi media as it is called) is assisting for the End of India.

The story runs like this:

The highly uneven two of India’s ruling Bhartiya Janta party functionaries namely, Nupur Sharma and Naveen Kumar Jindal, made some discourteous and highly objectionable comments on the Prophet that irked the Muslim world across the globe and that too all at a time, from Qatar, Kuwait to OIC group.

It was perhaps for the first time when the entire Islamic world appeared united in denouncing India and its two erratic Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) officials to the extent that some Islamic nations began chanting slogans like “boycott India and boycott its goods”.

BJP is a fanatic Hindu political party which hates Muslims and the Islamic religion to an unimaginable level.

Even the entire Muslim nations housed in the 57-member Organization of the Islamic Cooperation (OIC) appeared in unison and on a single platform to denounce and condemn the extreme Hindus of India and its Hindutva-led government yet what and how the Qatari state reacted to the Indian stance on the Prophet won the hearts of the entire world more so of the Muslims across the globe.

Qatar made it visibly known to the Indian regime and the entire Hindu world that the State shall not tolerate any demeaning acts to “our Prophet”.

The Qatari “well-calculated” reaction was that it canceled a pre-planned diplomatic “dinner” thrown in honor of the visiting Indian Vice President Venkaiah Naidu.

While the cancellation of the “official dinner” by the host Qatari State in honor of the Indian Vice President must have sent “spine chilling waves” in the vertebral column of the entire Indian establishment more so to the hawks seated in the South Block (India’s foreign ministry) then concurrently the Qatari subtle diplomatic snub to India, was, expectedly, celebrated in the entire Islamic world for obvious political and diplomatic reasons. Some celebrated noiselessly.

Observers in Nepal too, let’s hope, celebrated the Qatari move and took the Qatari step as an appropriate and timely-befitting answer to India on its deliberate insult of the Prophet made inside the Indian soil and that too by some personalities who were excessively close to the Hindutva chief, Prime Minister Modi who masterminds the repeated insults to the Islamic religion and its followers that run above to the tune of 200 million and are yet categorized as Minorities in India.

Nepal has reasons to fear that if perchance the Hindu regime pounces upon the Minority Muslims then the “open border phenomenon” shall be used by the oppressed and the persecuted Muslim population of the adjoining borders, e.g. from India’s Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand shall “enter” in millions and millions inside Nepal only to aggravate the security situation of this small nation-state.

Such an exodus of Indian Muslims from bordering Indian provinces shall alter the demography of this largely Hindu nation.

It is altogether a different matter that the Hindus in Nepal are more tolerant than the Hindus in India.

Exemplary harmony subsists in between Hindu and Muslim communities in Nepal.

This will be an added “demographic invasion” of Nepal by India. The invasion is even as of now in millions and millions in progress and interrupted. The idea is to Fiziisation of Nepal as soon as possible.

The Indian immigrants have swelled Nepal across the entire country.

The Indian embassy in Kathmandu or the Bihari government in Patna, India, is encouraging starving Indians to enter Nepal like swarms.

Nepal’s “comfortable” government is really comfortable for Indian nefarious designs.

The world knows that the Hindus and the Muslim population have ever lived in harmony in Nepal for centuries and any quarrel of high magnitude between these two communities has never happened nor shall happen.

The fact is that the Muslim populations in Nepal were the ones first to protest the advent of a secular Nepal who instead made lectures demanding the “restoration of Hindu kingdom” in Nepal forwarding the political reasons as “they were safe and sound when Nepal was the Hindu Kingdom”.

Most interesting of it all is that as and when Nepali Muslims go for and proceed for a Hajj in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, the Arabian Muslims express their utter surprise when the Nepali Muslims reiterate proudly that “we are Muslims from a Hindu Nepal”.

The Saudis get surprised which is a matter of pride for the entire Nepali population.

This speaks of the high tolerance level of Nepal.

Perhaps this should explain why and how the Hindus and the Muslims have lived together in Nepal since the very days of the Unifier of Nepal, King Prithvi Narayan Shah.

Late P. N. Shah reportedly willingly brought some Muslims from then fractured India to seek their “expertise” for nation-building tasks.

Nepal as a sovereign and independent nation existed around the globe much ahead of the existence of the United States of America.

Fortunately, India as such didn’t exist on the world map at the time when Nepal was unified.

Instead, the then India was repeatedly in the slavery cycle of the Moghuls (the family of Emperor Babur from, Andijan, FARGHANA, current Uzbekistan, and his descendants) and later of the British East India Company which left the South Asian landmass only in 1947 allowing thus the emergence of Republic of India, the present-day Islamophobic and expansionist country whose habit of coercing the smaller neighbors remains no longer a secret.

Zahīr ud-Dīn Muhammad, was the founder of the Mughal Empire in the Indian subcontinent. He was a descendant of Timur and Genghis Khan through his father and mother respectively. (Wikipedia).
Indian coercion unlimited:
India born in 1947 is a proven rogue country since its birth as the newly emerged country in South Asia inclined to treat its smaller neighbors much the same way as their previous masters, e.g. the Mughals and later the British Company behaved with the countries in South Asia.

The British India Company, however, never dared to gulp Nepal which was then a sovereign and independent nation.

Though history records have it that the East India Company at times tried to assimilate Nepal but the brave Gorkha soldiers under the protection of Nepali Kings then saved Nepal from the Company’s soldiers.

This means that Nepal has remained a sovereign and independent nation even now.

However, the prized sovereignty and the independence of Nepal are under a severe threat from the Indian republic and its Hindu supremacist Prime Minister Modi.
In the QUAD, India is cheating the US.

Frankly speaking, India is the root cause of the sorry state of the smaller neighbors of those countries who unfortunately border the regional bully India.
If Bhutan lives under the existential threat from India through the treaty of 1949 then Nepal too is the victim of the “unequal” treaty that Nepal has unfortunately signed with India in the year 1950, July 31.
It is this treaty that compels Nepal to live and bear with the hazard of the Indian expansionist behavior to the extent that some one hundred thousand hectares of Nepali landmass are currently under Indian occupation. Yet India doesn’t feel ashamed.

Bangladesh and the Maldives too in many more ways than one have felt the brunt of India’s RAW machinations.

What is RAW for the Maldivians; ask Abdullah Yemeen, the former President of Maldives who of late has been urging his people to send the “Indian military back” to India.

This means that not only the RAW but the Indian military presence too is threatening the sovereignty of the tiny island nation.

The fact is that the current President in Male, Ibrahim Mohamed Solih is more Indian than PM Modi.

Now enters Sri Lanka:

Sri Lanka is perhaps the first country after Nepal and Pakistan that has been uninterruptedly chased by the draconian Indian regime.

Very recently, former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan was unseated by the RAW machinations in a visible manner which reportedly enjoyed US support.

Several media men and publications in Pakistan seemingly run through money pumped by the RAW from the Indian mission much the same way as is being funded in Nepal and Bangladesh.
Highly placed sources even claim that Pakistan embassies in South Asia too have RAW infiltration.

However, this is yet to be substantiated but chances can’t be ruled out.

Mir Jaffars sneak everywhere clandestinely. Pakistan can’t be an exception to the rule.

To recall, Nepal has its own sad and bitter experiences in this regard.

Given the weak Pakistan diplomacy plus RAW penetration is sure to further weaken the Pakistani establishment.

Sri Lanka thus, to recall, has felt the brunt of a civil war for almost three decades through the notoriety of the Tamil Tigers whose chief was India’s brain child-Prabhakaran.

Sri Lankan President Junius Jaywerdene had to “greet” the IPKF battalion (Indian Peacekeeping Force) in Colombo in the name of containing the threat of the Tigers in the island nation.

Later, Sri Lankan Prime Minister Premadasa announced that “unless Colombo is free from foreign forces from its soil, the SAARC Summits shall not be held in Sri Lanka”.

His adamancy worked but Premadasa had to sacrifice his life.

Later a Tamil personality, foreign minister Laxman Kadirgamer too was killed in an explosion.

Wikipedia claims that “In the 1970s and 1980s, private entities and elements in the Research and Analysis Wing and the state government of Tamil Nadu were believed to be encouraging the funding and training for the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, a separatist insurgent force.

Thanks to the tacit support of China and nationalist Pakistan that the Indian evil, the Tamil Tigers, was uprooted in 2009 and a jubilant Sri Lankan Ambassador Hewage in Kathmandu invited this scribe for a high tea at Hotel Annapurna, I recall.

Very freshly, during the Sri Lanka turmoil, many believe in Nepal that Indian machinations were behind the upheaval in Colombo that forced Mahinda Rajpaksha to go on missing.

Many believe that Sri Lanka was penalized by India and the West lobby for its close proximity with China in recent years.

India wanted its supremacy in Colombo but not in Beijing.

India once again destabilized Sri Lanka under a different pretext.
The Debt Trap theory is the new trick to malign China in Sri Lanka and elsewhere including Nepal.

Very freshly, it has come to the notice of the world that India has doubled its intervention in Sri Lankan affairs.

The News First in January this year says that Sri Lankan energy minister Udaya Gammanpila had slammed the Tamil lawmakers from the country for seeking PM Modi’s intervention over the long-standing 13th Amendment issue, reports the WION, India.

When Mahinda Rajapaksa went on missing, the highly “uneducated and a Hindu fanatic” Indian Prime Minister tried to influence the incumbent President Gotabaya to help his Indian stooge, Gautam Adani to award the energy project of Mannar to this Indian businessman.

The NDTV, on June 16, reported that “the Sri Lankan people alleged that the Adani group got the project as part of a “dubious” deal between Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa”.

The NDTV further states that “Modi and Gotabaya worked out a deal that is non-transparent and illegal so that Adani did not have to go through a competitive bidding process,” said Nuzly Hameem, a procurement engineer working with a major construction company which handled a project for the construction of a wind energy farm in Mannar.

He is a member of the civil society group People’s Power, which coordinated the demonstration.

Sri Lankan Parliament even passed a bill to ease Gautam Adani to capture the energy contract which means how much “penetration” has PM Modi in the Sri Lankan Parliament.
The South Asian menace is everywhere.

The matter got disclosed only when the M.M. C Ferdinando, the chairman of Sri Lanka’s Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB), resigned, on 14 June, three days after he claimed before a parliamentary panel that he was told by President Gotabaya Rajapaksa about Indian PM Modi pressuring him to give the wind power project directly to the Adani Group, reports Zulfick Farzan for the News First, June 16.

As is the practice with the high flying politicians, Sri Lankan President Gotabaya categorically denied the statement made by the Chairman of the Ceylon Electricity Board about awarding a Wind Power Project”, adds Farzan.

Very freshly, India ordered his men in Nepali politics to allow the West Seti River to go to the pocket of India and so it went to Indian pockets. “Comfortable” PM Deuba awarded this river project to India. China has reasons to feel annoyed.

The dilemma is that who is not under the coercive influence of India in the entire South Asian region?

The fact is that for any SA smaller nation in India’s failed “neighborhood”, what India dictates becomes final and binding. But that invites street protests and huge demonstrations against India for a few days which later evaporate into the thin ethereal medium.

Yet, the hatred against India is increasing in the entire South Asian region more so in Nepal.

The paid and the posted ones keep a studied silence but the rest come to the streets and exhibit their deep hatred against India. That’s all.

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