10 Unified Socialist lawmakers against party’s decision to change ministers

Ten lawmakers from CPN (Unified Socialist) have stood out against the party’s decision to change its ministers.

They have submitted an eight-point memorandum to party Chairman Madhav Kumar Nepal on Friday, stating that the decision to change ministers during the budget session cannot be considered right.

They have also demanded an immediate meeting of the Parliamentary Party to discuss the issue.

Health Minister Birodh Khatiwada, Urban Development  Minister Ram Kumari Jhakri, Tourism Minister Prem Ale and Labor Minister Krishna Kumar Shrestha are among the lawmakers against the party’s decision to change ministers.

Similarly, lawmakers Krishna Lal Maharjan, Gopal Bahadur Bam, Bina Devi Budhathoki, Pushpa Kumari Karna Kayastha, Dhan Bahadur Budha and Nira Devi Jairu have also signed on the memorandum submitted to the party chairman.

They have demanded that the entire team of incumbent ministers be recalled and replaced by a new team that is balanced and based on the principle of inclusivity while changing ministers.

“The list of new ministers is non-inclusive and unbalanced. We are in severe disagreement over this,” the lawmakers have said in the memorandum.

Stating that they have been repeatedly called back and treated like criminals, the lawmakers have said that such treatment cannot be considered right.

The party’s secretariat meeting on June 5 had decided to change its ministers.

Health Minister Khatiwada, Labor Minister Shrestha, Tourism Minister Ale, Urban Development Minister Jhakri and Minister of State for Health Bhawani Khapung currently represent the party, formed after splitting from CPN-UML, in the federal government.

The secretariat meeting had decided to make Hira Chandra KC, Met Mani Chaudhary, Jeevan Ram Shrestha and Sher Bahadur Kunwar new ministers.

Chaudhary was to become urban development minister, Shrestha tourism minister, Kunwar labor minister and KC minister of state for health, according to the source. Khapung, meanwhile, was to be promoted and made a full minister at the Health Ministry where he is currently a minister of state.

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