Provinces refuse to make embossed number plate mandatory

Kathmandu, June 24

Provinces, going against the central government’s decision, have refused to make embossed number plates mandatory.

Provincial governments across that country say they are doing so because they do not have the necessary infrastructure in place. They also argue that they cannot support the central government’s decision as the quality of embossed plates is below par.

The government had made embossed plates mandatory on new vehicles registered in Bagmati and Gandaki provinces after November 2021.

It had also threatened those vehicle owners that did not have embossed number plates would be punished by the police as per the law. The Transport Management Act even has a provision for imprisoning the vehicle owner.

But, a Bagmati province transport management official says the government is wrong to impose such a rule when it knows it does not have the capacity to cater to the number of vehicles.

The official also says since the constitution gave provinces the jurisdiction over transport, the central government cannot take action against anyone for not installing the embossed number plate.

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