Cholera bacteria found in water in Bag Bazar

Kathmandu, June 23

The Department of Health has found how two women in Bag Bazar got Cholera.

Director of Epidemiology & Disease Control Division, Chumman Lal Das said that traces of E.Coli and Coliform bacteria were found in the water they used for drinking. Both E.Coli and Coliform are bacteria that are found in human faeces.

“We found dangerous bacteria when we tested the water from the tap and the tube well,” says Das who adds they are testing the water of people’s homes who have been diagnosed with cholera in recent weeks.

Five people in Kathmandu have been diagnosed with diarrheal illness. On Wednesday, a new case was found in Dilli Bazar.

“We’ve alerted the people of the area with cholera cases to be careful. We’ve asked them to only drink water by boiling it,” says Das. “Since these cases have been found in different parts of the valley, we feel that there can be an outbreak. People need to be vigilant.”

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