Complaint filed against cussing Minister Ale

A complaint has been filed against Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Prem Ale for his repeated use of profanities.

Advocates Kishore Paudel and Anupam Bhattarai and law student Rejina Paudel have filed a complaint against Minister Ale at the parliament secretariat’s committee for monitoring conduct on Sunday for repeatedly using profanities and not maintaining decorum.

The complaint has mentioned reports of Minister Ale’s unlistenable audio and his manhandling of Yuvaraj Adhikari, chairman of Nepal Airlines, in the media on Friday, June 17.

According to a report published by Annapurna Post daily on Friday, Minister Ale summoned Adhikari to his office and manhandled him launching profanity-laden diatribe. Ale can be heard hurling obscenities at Adhikari in the audio recording made public by Annapurna Post whose authenticity Setopati has not been able to verify.

The daily citing ministry sources reported that Ale misbehaved with Adhikari and manhandled him for delay in recruiting persons recommended by the minister. Adhikari had reportedly given jobs to a few recommendees while he was in the process of recruiting a few others.

Ale can also be heard using obscene language to abuse and threaten Adhikari in a purported phone conversation in the audio recording made public by Annapurna Post.

The complaint has also drawn the committee’s attention to an earlier audio conversation between Minister Ale and a youth living in India in which the minister can be heard threatening to finish the youth off.

“The words used by honorable Prem Ale can not be listened to or spoken in society at all. Is Nepal trying to establish language through such people’s representatives?” says the complaint. “It is natural for such activities to create doubts in the general public about public institutions.”

The three have demanded that the committee send Minister Ale’s audio recording for a lab test and recommend action after necessary investigation.

Published Date: Sunday, June 19, 2022, 18:46:00

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