Nepal electricity trade in India: NEA gets a higher price in exports than what it had paid for imports

Kathmandu, June 16

The government says the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) is selling electricity to India for more than the rate it was purchased during the winter months.

The NEA is selling a unit of electricity for Rs 2.31 more. It buys electricity from India at Rs 9.07 per unit during the winter while it sells electricity during the monsoon for Rs 11.38.

Minister for Energy, Water Resources and Energy, Pampha Bhusal, in reply to lawmakers who had accused the government of selling electricity to India for cheap told the House of Representatives on Sunday that it was not the case.

Nepal is selling its surplus electricity to India during the monsoon.  With this, electricity worth Rs 75 million is being sold to India on a daily basis.

Nepal, however, does import electricity from India during the winter months when it does not produce enough electricity.

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