7 best songs of the Mantra band you must have on your playlist

The Mantra band are based in Darjeeling, but their rock numbers are popular across Nepal.

The band formed in 1999 have made a special place in many hearts through their songs in genres like slow rock and rock. The band have equally maintained versatility in their songs with lyrics on love, culture and the country. So far, the 23-year-old band have released four albums namely: Mantra, Rock Yatra, Himali Nepali and Mantra Mughdha. All of the albums include an amazing list of songs, which are equally popular among the listeners. 

The current line-up of the six-man Mantra band consists of Pragya Lama on guitar, Birju Chowdhary on drums, Bidhan Thapa on flute and saxophone, Pravash Subba on bass guitar, Bhaskar Dewan on vocals and Manish Thapa on keyboard.  

The Mantra have a number of quality songs. This week, Onlinekhabar has handpicked a list of the best seven songs of the Mantra band that are a must-have on your playlist.

1. Sanskriti 

There are many rock patriotic songs from the Mantra band that are worth remembering and Sanskriti is one of them. The songs depict the various cultures of Nepal, and it also tells how Nepalis are loyal to their culture. The song is a part of the album, Rock Yatra, released in 2004. 

2. Sakchau K

Sakchau K is a love song from the Mantra band’s debut album, Mantra, released in 2003. The song features lofty verses to attract and impress loved ones. The song is also well remembered for the acoustic guitar played amid the song.  

3. Ekantama

Ekantama is a love song from the Mantra band’s debut album. In early 2000, the song used to be very popular among teenagers who are in love. It is a very simple song. The guitar and saxophone played in the song are melodious and easy on the ears. 

4. Bir Gorkhali 

Bir Gorkhali is probably the one and only song that almost all Nepalis have heard from the Mantra band. The song features the bravery of the Gurkhas. It also has very powerful and strong lyrics that would make any Nepali proud of themselves. The song is also from the album Mantra.      

5. Sadhai Sadhai 

It is one of the finest Nepali love songs that everybody loves to listen to. Sadhai Sadhai is played in almost all the friends and family gatherings. Its intro piece played on saxophone is a signature note of the song. The song is from the album Rock Yatra. The song has also a special edition released by the band to celebrate its 20th anniversary.

6. Himali Nepali 

Similar to Sanskriti and Bir Gorkhali, Himali Nepali is also one of the most liked patriotic songs by the Mantra band. The song represents Mantra’s third album Himali Nepali released in 2006. The solo flute and guitar amid the song have made it additionally charming. 

7. Akashaima Chil Udyo 

While releasing the album Himali Nepali, the band dared to release the cover version of Akashaima Chil Udyo, one of the most popular songs in the 80s. The classic song originally belongs to Sunil Parajul’s album Sunsaan Raatma released in 1986.   

Unlike the original song, the cover version has powerful guitar riffs that will make your head bang to the music. The rendition by Mantra has fairly provided justice to the original number. 

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