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KATHMANDU, June 5: The Department of Transportation Management recently issued a notice to make embossed number plates mandatory for vehicles plying the roads. Following the notice, the traffic police issued another notice warning action against those vehicles registered in Bagmati and Gandaki Provinces if they fail to install an embossed number plate by July 17.

What is an embossed number plate?

The embossed number plate is a camera-readable plate that contains a microchip connected to the vehicle’s GPS system. This makes it efficient in terms of maintaining digital records of the vehicles, collecting revenue on time, monitoring vehicles and controlling vehicle thefts.

How to apply for the embossed vehicle number plate?

Step 1: For online application open the link or you can link form DOTM website 

You will need to click on the “Get Started” link. 

Step 2: Enter your Vehicle Information

 A. Registration Number, 

B. Registration Date

Step 3: Enter your Mobile Number 

Step 4: Once you fill up the number click on Send SMS. You will receive a code on that phone via SMS. Enter the verification code and click on continue. 

If the code is correct it will bring up a field to enter your email address. 

Step 5: Enter your Email Address. 

If you do send email, you should receive an email shortly with a verification code. Enter the code the same way you did for the SMS notification. This is optional, So If you do not wish to enter your email, you may click on the “Skip” button 

Step 6: Enter Vehicle Information.

This will bring up the application data entry screen with the Registration number and Registration date already filled in. 

Vehicle Information: The first tab is for the vehicle information. You will need to fill in the information according to the bluebook. 

Note: The previous owner information in the Bluebook is not required. You will need to use the information of the current owner only. 


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