Govt’s own panel says Nepal’s aviation safety is weak but blames airline companies for it

Kathmandu, June 10

A committee formed by the government to look into Nepal’s aviation safety status says the country is performing poorly in the sector. It has blamed airline companies for the status.

Further, the committee says airline companies operating helicopters are more negligent than those operating aeroplanes.

The Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation had formed a committee on September 29, 2021, in response to the complaints galore about the sector.

Meanwhile, the committee has also highlighted that the aviation sector does not have as many personnel as it needs in Nepal, and it is poorer in the helicopter companies.

“Being unable to manage sufficient human resources but increasing the number of companies might mean the upcoming days after more challenging in terms of aviation safety management.”

Here is the latest (2021) aviation safety rating of every airline company as made public by the panel:

Aeroplane operators

  • Himalaya Airlines: 87%
  • Summit Air: 81%
  • Yeti Air: 79%
  • Buddha Air: 74%
  • Saurya Airlines: 67%
  • Nepal Airlines: 64%
  • Guna Airlines: 64%
  • Shree Airlines: 64%
  • Tara Air: 64%
  • Sita Air: 43%

Helicopter operators

  • Manang Air: 77%
  • Mountain Heli: 72%
  • Heli Everest: 72%
  • Simrik Air: 71%
  • Air Dynasty: 70%
  • Altitude Air: 66%
  • Prabhu Heli: 45%
  • Fishtail Air: 15%

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