17 Years of injustice for Badarmude victims: AWC, AF calls for action | Ratopati

KATHMANDU, June 6: Today marks 17 years of the Badarmude, Chitwan Bomb Blast, where the then Maoist cadres laid an ambush and detonated a bomb targeting a bus carrying civilians, resulting in the death of 35 civilians and 3 off-duty security personnel.

The blast on 6 June 2005 left more than 70 people injured, of which 6 have since lost their lives.

For the last 17 years victims have been waiting for the truth, justice and reparation and have been forced to witness impunity, feeling helpless.

For the past many years, many governments came to power but no Government took initiative to address the demands and needs of victims who are still dealing with physical, psychological trauma and have undergone economic crisis. 

The promises made by the Government and the political leaders of the Maoist party in the past are yet to be materialized.

Presently, the Government is holding consultations to amend the Transitional Justice Law with an aim to bring the stalled Transitional Justice (TJ) process on track.

 Advocacy Forum-Nepal (AF) and the Accountability Watch Committee (AWC) hope these consultations will yield some fruits in amending the Act and addressing the pain, suffering and anguish of victims.

This is one of the cases where we have alleged gross violations of human rights including war crimes. We stand together with victims demanding an impartial and independent investigation, prosecution of the involved perpetrators, reparation to the victims and ensure sustained safety and security concerns of victims and their family members, reads a joint press statement of AF-Nepal and AWC.


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