NEA sells surplus electricity produced from Marsyangdi and Middle Marsyangdi to India

Kathmandu, June 9

Electricity produced from Marsyangdi and Middle Marsyangdi hydropower projects is also being sold to India.

With this, electricity worth Rs 75 million is being sold to India on a daily basis.

The Nepal Electricity Authority has put electricity generated from Marsyangdi and Middle Marsyangdi in the Indian energy exchange market from Tuesday and Thursday respectively.

Nepal has started exporting electricity that could not be consumed due to an increase in power generation to India.

On Thursday alone, 284 MW of electricity has been sold to India. This is equivalent to around 6.8 million units worth around Rs 75.2 million.

As of Thursday, 23 MW from Trishuli, 14.39 MW from Devighat, 138.91 MW from Kaligandaki, 66.14 MW from Marsyangdi and 41.81 MW from Madhyamrsyangdi is being sold to India.

NEA says it is sending surplus electricity to India that the country cannot use during the night. The demand of electricity in India during the summer nights is high as the country does not produce enough electricity.

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