NC says it registered 175,076 more votes than UML in local election

Nepali Congress (NC) has claimed that it became the largest party in the local level elections held on May 13 registering 175,076 more votes than CPN-UML.

A report prepared by the party’s Local Level Central Election Mobilization Committee states that NC candidates were elected chief in 329 of the 752 municipalities where election has been held so far. Voting is yet to take place in Budhi Ganga Municipality of Bajura district.

NC leader Pradip Paudel submitted the report to Purna Bahadur Khadka, coordinator of the committee, on Thursday.

According to the report, NC won the chief in 44 percent of municipalities. Similarly, the party’s candidates were elected ward chair in 2,665 of the 7,633 wards where voting has taken place so far.

The report claims that NC registered 3,883,138 votes in the local election, or 175,076 votes more than CPN-UML. NC has made the claim based on the number of votes secured by candidates for ward chair in the local election.

The report says that NC finished ahead of other parties in all seven provinces, with twice the number of elected representatives than UML in Bagmati and Karnali provinces.

NC forged alliances with other parties of the ruling coalition in 324 local bodies while it did not field any candidate for chief in 298 local bodies, says the report.

NC had won 266 municipality chiefs in the 2017 local election.

Published Date: Thursday, June 9, 2022, 15:56:00

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