JSP on the brink as the conflict escalates between two top leaders | Ratopati

KATHMANDU, June 9: The conflict in the Janata Samajbadi Party (JSP) has escalated once again. 

The party had agreed to hold a statute convention on June 15 to solve the issues within the party but it now seems unlikely for the party to hold the convention on June 15. Leaders close to Babu Ram Bhattari, the Federal Committee Chairman of the party, have raised concerns as the convention is unlikely to be held any time soon.

The interim statute of the party has a provision of having two chairpersons in the party. The scheduled convention was due to amend the statute to have only one chairperson.

The Bhattarai-led faction in the party has been advocating for having two chairpersons in the party while the faction-led by Chairman Upendra Yadav wants one chairperson in the party.

Bhattarai has been demanding two chairpersons in the party as per the interim statute. Faction-led by Bhattarai in the party has also begun collecting signatures to address its demands.

However, Chairman Yadav refused to have two chairpersons in the party but has been maintaining that the decisions in the party will be taken collectively. Yadav also established a headquarters including Bhattarai, senior leader Ashok Rai and himself for the same.

Besides, Yadav had assured to address the demand of leaders after the local election. But, the party has failed to hold any sort of party meetings so far.

Likewise, the Bhattarai-led faction of the party has also accused the party Chairman of taking decisions solely despite the agreement.


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