Embossed number plate: Govt says it’s compulsory for vehicles registered after Nov 17, 2021, only

Kathmandu, June 7

The Department of Transport Management has clarified that it has not made embossed number plates on all registered vehicles compulsory across the country.

Last week, the department had issued a notice urging all vehicle owners in Bagmati and Gandaki provinces to get their embossed number plates by July 17 this year, warning it would take action if the notice was not heeded.

However, the directive has drawn flak from members of the public as well as stakeholders. The issue has been raised from social media to the parliament.

In response to the protests, the department issued a statement on Tuesday, clarifying the plates are compulsory for the vehicles registered after November 17, 2021, only. Likewise, the vehicles whose ownership is transferred after February 13, 2022, and those whose ownership certificates are renewed after May 15, 2022, will have such plates compulsorily.

“Requiring all vehicles plying across the country on July 17 morning to have embossed plates installed is not our intention,” the statement reads.

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