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N. P. Upadhyaya (Aryal)
Kathmandu: India is certainly a troublemaker for several countries in South Asia, is what has been the South Asian regional experience more so especially to the so called Independent and sovereign Nepal which, bluntly speaking, is virtually controlled by the Indian regime born 1947.

I have been myself a close witness to the “economic blockades and undue and unwarranted coercion” imposed on Nepal by the Indian regime since the time of Mrs. Indira Gandhi ( the inferiority complex ridden lady), as per my knowledge, 1967-68 (2027 B. S) which unfortunately even remains intact in the regime of buffoon Indian Prime Minister Modi.
The bullying is even on matters internal and external to Nepal.
Tentatively Nepal is a “protectorate” awaiting formal declaration by the Zee News.
More often than not, our foreign policy runs, it is strongly believed, under the orders of the “traditional enemy” across the border in the South.
But yet Modi’s fans are in abundance in Nepal. But why? What for? For what gains?
Surely, for financial gains or say under table bank notes from across the border.
Is it for looting the Nepali Rivers for free? Or for ousting the monarchy in 2006 or so?
Nepalese have abundant reasons to feel highly ashamed.
Harnessing of Nepal’s West Seti River just around writing this story has gone to the Indian pockets much to the annoyance of China.
Though China is not a reliable partner of Nepal.
The smaller neighbors of India have all experienced the bullying and expansionist behavior of India at different intervals of time thus the intellectuals of this part of the world know India much better than the men outside the region.
The US too has received some jolts of late when Delhi visibly sided with Moscow.
What is India for Bangladeshi people better ask Scholar Zainal Abedin who claims that the RAW machinery practically runs the Dhaka establishment?

This he disclosed at an international webinar held in Islamabad in the year 2020, if I am not mistaken.

However, the RAW penetration in the body politic of B’desh remains yet or not we have no knowledge.

However, what is for sure is the Island nation, Sri Lanka has already felt the brunt of Indian machination through the use and over use of Pravakaran who masterminded the emergence of Tamil Tigers which in a away almost ruined the Sri Lankan economy.

Some even suspect the very tacit planning of the Indian management in Sri Lanka for the fresh upheaval that forced the “grand escapade” of the all powerful Mahinda Rajpaksha.

In Pakistan, India is active through various media outlets, we have been told. The Imran Khan’s ouster must have India’s ugly hand.

RAW has deep penetration in Pakistan through some leaders and vibrant media.

Let’s not talk of Bhutan as you all know what is Bhutan for the Indian establishment.

And ask Abdulla Yameen as to what India means for him and his tiny nation-a distinguished SAARC member.
“Indian Military go back” was a slogan against India in Male in the recent months.
And about Nepal perhaps I need not reiterate as it is India ever that chooses a new Prime Minister for Nepal after the ouster of Nepali Monarchy and that too under a calculated “design” which was supported by our own top leaders, if one were to recall.
Unfavorable Monarchy thus was ousted easily under RAW blueprint.
Nepal’s power center has shifted from Royal Palace to Modi’s Delhi-the seat of the former Mughals and the East India Company.
Of all the South Asian nations, unfortunate is Nepal that borders India born 1947.
Most ill-fated is the location of Nepal whose borders are open for the poor and starving Indian nationals in bordering areas of Nepal in the South.
However, Nepal’s “unemployed” work force too enter India for livelihood, however, when they all return back home, they are inevitably looted by the Indian police men of all their earnings at the border.
This is a regular phenomenon.
On the contrary, the Indian nationals who have flooded Nepal, deposit their earnings in the India linked banks in Nepal which keeps safe their earnings.

A rough estimate has it that one third of Nepali population comprise of the Indian nationals with “dual citizenship” certificates and the rest are beggars from India scattered across all over the Nepalese territory.
Some double citizenship holders are even Nepali Parliamentarians in the current Lower house, so claims a history professor Dr. Peshal Pokhrel.

Child pickers/kidnappers are all from India in Nepal. Several Indian gangs are active in Nepal who pick the Nepali children more so the girl-child for reasons known.

Some even authentically claim that “thuggery” was an act Nepal didn’t know till the early fifties or even sixties, however, with the open border that allows the “Indian thugs” to enter Nepal in a free and open manner thus have swelled the Nepali population to an unimaginable scale and so the thuggery too has increased hundred times.

The Indian objective is to guzzle Nepal much the same way independent Sikkim was swallowed through the grand connivance of the posted and paid RAW agents in Sikkim.

One Lendhup Dorje was enough for Sikkim and Nepal has thousands of Quislings.

Thanks to the current Nepali leadership running Nepal, some eighty percent of the political animals are said to have been “elevated” by the Indian regime to force Nepal to embrace the Sikkim fate of the mid seventies.

Blessings from Delhi is what counts in Nepali politics.

Yet some other high placed intellectuals claim that the “ouster” of the Nepali monarchy was a calculated design of the Indian establishment through the use and over use of some domestic “traitors” of the Lendhup Dorje infamy in order to finally swig Nepal like Sikkim.

However who were the domestic traitors in Nepal is yet to be made public “officially”.
In addition to the traitors in the political sector, sources say that most of the so-called “vibrant Nepali media” too were in India’s or better say RAW’s good book.

These media men do not criticise India even if India gulps Nepali landmass.

Aren’t they traitors? Draw your conclusions, if time allows.

These media men would prefer Nepal to merge in the Indian regime unhesitatingly and unashamedly. Curse is upon these traitors.

Whatever may be the case, the fact that India has almost captured entire Nepal and the Indian spy agency RAW has intensely penetrated into even remote villages in Nepal is no longer a secret.

The best and the easiest way for the RAW penetration in Nepal is through the ruse of “school building” construction through the Indian embassy in Kathmandu.

Or renovation of damaged buildings.

Only recently, the RAW entered into the Mustang/Jomsom area in the name of building a primary school.

RAW has easily entered into the remote villages of Nepal, even in inaccessible mountains more so in the North close to China border, in the name of building schools and opening of libraries.

The real objective is to eye on China and prepare a detailed project/sketch on how to counter China if and when China pounces upon India much the same way as the former did during the war in the early sixties.

To recall, in the process, India has illegally gulped almost one hundred thousand hectares of Nepali landmass and attempts are in progress to swallow more territories that adjoin the Chinese borders.

To recall, the ungrateful India many a times in the past decades have had recruited Gorkha soldier of Nepali origin to the war fronts to fight with the Pakistani and the Chinese soldier.

Rumors were there in Kathmandu that when the Chinese PLA (people’s liberation army) forces came face to face with the Gorkha soldier at the was fronts during the India-China war in 1960, the Chinese soldier upon recognizing the confronting Indian soldiers of Nepali origin exhibited their love and honor for the Gorkhali soldier concluding that they were the “sons” from a very friendly country-Nepal.

Same reports were in circulation when Pakistani army confronted the Gorkha solidier in the war fronts.

The Pakistani military men too exhibited their total and unconditional love and honor for the Gorkha soldiers fighting for the expansionist India regime.

Some sensible brains in India at times talk that “had there been no Gorkha regiment in the Indian Army, India will have split into hundreds of pieces.

This meant that India is in the world map only because of the Gorkha regiment.

The fresh RAW activism: On May 16, 2022, the Indian Prime Minister landed in Lumbini.
A sizable team of Nepal’s foreign ministry officials led by Foreign Secretary Bharat Poudyal were deputed in Lumbini.

Look the RAW trickery which saw the entire Nepali foreign ministry officials boarding an airliner-the Buddha air-which had the RAW Kathmandu chief seated in the same airliner at the same time and flight.
The Airliner was bound to Kathmandu from Bhairahawa.
What a coincidence?

But was it a mere twist of fate or a deliberate one to malign the ministry officials? Or an Indian scheme to… show the entire world that Nepal’s foreign ministry has close proximity with the RAW agency?

International relations experts in Nepal opine that the Nepali officials should have avoided the RAW men by selecting another airliner.

In diplomacy, such events are taken with suspicion.

Defend it but the damage has already been done.

However, the fact is that RAW has a deep penetration inside Nepal’s foreign ministry, it is believed as some highly important “documents” are missing which, expectedly, have reached Delhi’s South Block?

Some nationalists are “monitoring” the foreign ministry officials in a secret manner, we have learnt.

The news about the RAW men boarding the plane together with the Foreign Ministry officials had appeared in one of the reliable online portals of Nepal.

But yet, it really was an unfortunate event speaking in terms of “preservation” of Nepal’s national interests.
The message is loud and clear.

This is India’s “game plan” to destroy the rest of Nepal left unspoiled by the Nepal Maoists who were for a decade or so residing in Delhi under the protection of the RAW plus Indian establishment.

Needless to say, the Nepal Maoists were the “brain child” of the RAW much the same way as the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam in Sri Lanka was.

Both Maoists and the Tamil tigers devastated Nepal and Sri Lanka as per the instructions and the “orders” from the New Delhi regime plus the notorious RAW agency.

Notably, RAW took birth solely to damage India’s smaller neighboring countries.

The heartless regime is India. Currently, Nepal is the “hub” of the RAW men posted by Delhi and assisted by “salaried domestic pets”.

If they used comrade Prachanda, it is believed, for damaging Nepal then for the Island nation, it was Prabhakaran-the Indira Gandhi’s adopted brain child.

The present political hotchpotch in Sri Lanka too, we believe, is the “structured” making of the Indian regime to vacate China from the Island nation.

For this, India is being assisted by some countries of the developed West, it is strongly believed.

India is extracting “benefits” from Nepal or rather say “draining” Nepal since the next day of the signing of the most humiliating and unequal treaty of Peace and Friendship with India signed on July 31, 1950.

The treaty is not only unequal but has been structured in a way that, from any interpretation, Nepal is the loser and in the process Nepal has been cheated and insulted by some of the dangerous clauses in the Treaty with India.
The most dangerous of it all is that India has “forcibly” kept the international borders open despite the glaring fact that none of the provisions or say the clauses contained therein the 1850 Treaty allows both Nepal and India to keep the borders open.

We would politely suggest the “India elevated” Nepal government to seal the open borders for multiple political reasons.

For example, the entire vegetable market, plumbing, rag picking business, hair cutting barbers have captured the markets that, rough estimates claim, drains Nepal somewhere about fifty billion annually.

Every third man in the Kathmandu street if an immigrant who one fine morning could be seen as Nepali Parliamentarian or emerge as a minister.

The vegetable/fruit market in Nepal more so in Kathmandu is completely under the grip of the Indian nationals who fix the rates that suits them to the extent that these Indian cartels tentatively have banned the locally produces vegetables and the tragedy is that the Nepal government remains as a mere spectator and has no courage to control the India controlled vegetable market.

The same is with the plumbing business and add to this the hair cutting enterprise which necessarily is under the Indian control.

Observers suggest that let India and Nepal government agree on taking back their nationals in a cordial way.
All these Nepali lapses benefit India only, says our own experience.

Look how ungrateful India is becomes clear from the Indian trickery in not accepting the final report compiled by eminent groups from Nepal and India for a variety of political reasons.

Though the EPG team from Nepal, we were told, comprised of those of India’s choice.
However, it is yet to be substantiated.

Prime Minister Modi reportedly has no time to accept the final report compiled four years ago by the EPG-eminent persons from both the sides.
High placed sources say that India is reluctant in accepting the final report of the EPG only because the report has suggested revising or say review the bilateral treaty of 1950.
This treaty though has the title of “Peace and Friendship” but neither peace nor friendship with India.
To boot, India has captured almost the entire water resources of Nepal which is not only unfortunate but alarming as well.

Some of the harnessing of the Water resources projects that were to be constructed by the Northern neighbor China too have been taken back from the Chinese Companies in order to “please” the South Asian regional expansionist and the recognized hegemon.

Yet another source claims that one Indian national who enters Nepal to trade brings in at least twenty “relatives” to do business in Kathmandu and across the country.

This is all but at the cost of the Nepali traders and vegetable producers.

This caps the trading possibilities of Nepal’s own Madhesi population.

Very freshly, India has totally denied the “needed and the required” air route/passage for the International Airliners coming from the West at the Gautam Buddha International Airport forwarding the reason that the incoming Airliners cross the sensitive military zone of India.

The fact is that Nepal is unilaterally providing almost everything to India and there is no “reciprocity” at all.

This way, how can India be Nepal’s immediate traditional neighbor? All fake reiteration.

Instead, looking at the manner India has been coercing Nepal, let’s take India as the “nearest and the dearest” traditional enemy.

Yes it is. That’s all.

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