Cabinet reshuffle: CPN-Unified Socialist changes its team in the coalition govt. Here’s the list

Kathmandu, June 5

Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba is reshuffling the cabinet as the CPN-Unified Socialist has decided to recall its ministers.

The coalition partner has decided to recall its five leaders from the cabinet and send new ones to replace them.

The Unified Socialist’s Deputy General Secretary Bijay Paudel says the party has already submitted the decision to Deuba.

According to him, here is the list of new ministers.

SN Position New minister nominated Outgoing minister
1 Minister for Health Bhawani Khapung Birodh Khatiwada
2 Minister for Culture and Tourism Jeevan Ram Shrestha Prem Ale
3 Minister for Urban Development Metmani Chaudhary Ram Kumari Jhakri
4 Minister for Labour and Employment Sher Bahadur Kunwar Krishna Kumar Shrestha
5 State Minister for Health Hira KC Bhawani Khapung

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