South Asian Nepali Store Marketplace “Global Order Now” in the USA from July 10, 2022 | Kathmandu Tribune

Nepali grocery online shopping in the USA is made easy with Global Order Now to find all the Nepal-made products in one-stop shopping. Global Order Now is the Nepali market that has multiple stores in one place that gives the ability customers to buy everything from groceries, traditional wear, religious goods, clothing, handmade crafts, Nepali books, Noodles like Wai Wai, Sukuti, South Asian Pickle (Achar), and many more. Customers can buy directly from the Website ( or download mobile applications on google and apple store.

Started during covid19 pandemic in the heart of Kathmandu, Nepal, in March 2020 as “Order Now” brand with the motive to promote “Made in Nepal” products within Nepal and the international market. Continuing the journey, starting from July 2022, Global Order Now is serving locally in the USA with an aim to provide Nepali store grocery shipping within 2 days.

Global Order Now is the SMART Global Marketplace, which beliefs in the Saving Money & Adding Relax Time (SMART) shopping experience for the customers. The company’s main focuses are: Customer Service, Reliable Quality Products, and Long Term thinking for Nepal-made products. The company’s main objective is to reach the global market for Nepali and Asian products all over the world. 

Global Order Now is one of the best global Ecommerce started in Nepal, offering Thousands of Nepali store products that can be directly shipped from Nepal helping small businesses locally in Nepal. The company is also helping local businesses in Nepal to digitize, market, and increase their revenue. It has partnered with women-owned businesses to support their products to make international quality ready to export from Nepal.  

Global Order Now also gives the ability to local merchants (Nepali Store) in any country globally to sell Nepal-made products and increase their sales and gives the customer ability to get the products within 2 days of ordering locally. Sellers can sign up with no introduction fees here (

Global Order Now has extended the service in Nepal exclusively in a collaboration with Order Online Market Pvt. Ltd. ( to give customers the ability to order within Nepal and deliver to their loved ones in Nepal. Currently, is providing delivery in more than 160+ locations within Nepal with 10,000+ products.

Officially registered in Texas, USA under Order Now LLC is all set for the opening day sales and to serve customers with South Asian products especially Nepal-made products in the USA. Global Order Now aims to expand the service in other countries next year.

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