House of Representatives also registers a resolution motion to remove the statute of limitation on rape

Kathmandu, May 30

Some lawmakers in the House of Representatives have filed a resolution motion demanding the removal of the provision of the statute of limitation on rape cases against minors.

If the House endorses the motion, the government will be compelled to make a reform as demanded.

The motion demands the police and court have to accept the complaints if the survivor shows genuine reasons for the delay in speaking out.

Dila Sangraula, Sujata Pariyar, Pramila Rai and Rangamati Shahi of the ruling Nepali Congress have registered the motion.

Earlier, the National Assembly, the upper house of the bicameral parliament, had also received a similar resolution motion demanding the statute of limitation concerning rape against minors be completely removed whereas the provision concerning rape against adults be revised.

As per the current provision, rape survivors have to file complaints within one year of the crime. If it is concerning minors, they can file complaints within one year after reaching the age of majority (18 years).

However, with a young woman exposing an eight-year-old case, there are demands galore that such a provision be removed.

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