Classic Tech TACHYON Package: 225 Mbps for 3 months free dual band router at Rs 3300. | Ratopati

KATHMANDU, May 20: Internet service provider Classic Tech has launched a new package at the lowest rate in Nepal.

Its tachyon 225Mbps internet plan for 3 months with 5ghz Dual band router can come in at Rs 3,300/- plus Vat  3729 and Rs 1000 deposit for a Dual Band router . The installation charge and fiber charge have been waived for new users . 

Classic Tech, the ‘fastest internet company’ in Nepal claims to have the fastest speed at the lowest price. The 225 Mbps speed with Dual band router will give the user the perfect speed and low ping and low latency, according to the company. 

“It is very  suitable for Gamers, online class, live streamers and video calling.”

This package has been designed for non-IPTV users only for internet use. Users can get this package from Classic tech office 9801004477 or contact in classic tech faceBook page.  

Click here to know more/ book the page.


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