Beauty Pageant Rape Case: ‘Victim refused to contact police’ | Ratopati

KATHMANDU, May 20: Recently a TikTok video has gone viral in Nepal. Social media platforms are flooded with the video that has drawn the attention of public figures, new channels and the general public.

In the video, a girl is seen claiming that she was raped while she participated in a  beauty pageant  and exposing names of people involved in rapping her. Social media is flooded with comments and many public figures have also supported the ‘victim’.

Following these developments, the Nepal Police tried contacting the victim but she refused to contact them, according to Chief SSP Basanta Kuwar of Kathmandu Valley Crime Division. 

“After the victim shared her story in social media, we investigated and analyzed the case. We will first contact and meet the victim then the further proceedings will take place,” SSP Kuwar said.

When asked if the police have already talked with the victim, SSP Kuwar maintained that the police have received her address and asked to meet she refused. 

SSP Kuwar further stated that the first priority is to investigate if the crime actually took place or not. “If the accused are found guilty, then actions will be taken as per the prevailing law.”

Meanwhile, protests have erupted in the capital demanding justice for the victim. 

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