Snowfall affects yarsagumba collection in Manang

Manang, May 27

Yarsagumba collection has been affected after a snowfall in the Manang district.

With the snowfall in the region, the collectors have returned after failing to collect the previous fungus. Milan Tamang, a collector from the Dhading district, says they are now back towards the lowland after a snowfall on the Bhatrang hill.

Likewise, Yekka Tamang, 46, of Dhading shares the collectors have returned to Chame after a food shortage and hardships in the highland while staying there for almost one and half months.

The collectors share a contractor has hired them to collect yarsagumba and are paid Rs 400 per piece.

Generally, March to the first week of June is considered an appropriate time for yarsagumba collection in the highlands of the Manang district.

Earlier on April 6, the Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP) Area Office in Manang had decided to issue an approval for yarsagumba collection through a committee.

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