81 percent of chiefs of local bodies new faces, just 142 get reelected

The recent local election has seen new faces elected as chiefs of local bodies at most of the places.

Almost 45 percent of chiefs of the 753 local bodies had contested for reelection this time but 81 percent of the elected chiefs are new faces with results yet to arrive in just two local units.

Chiefs of 341 local bodies had sought reelection but they have been reelected in just 142 local bodies including 89 rural municipalities.

Almost 200 incumbent chiefs have been rejected by the people apparently due to unhappiness over their performance in the past five years.

Most of the reelected chiefs are from Nepali Congress (NC). The grand old party had given ticket to 127 incumbent chiefs. Sixty-two of them have been reelected.

CPN-UML, that had repeated 113 incumbent chiefs as candidates, saw just 46 reelected. This includes three incumbents who had won the last election on another party’s ticket and got reelected on UML’s ticket this time.

CPN (Maoist Center) has seen a large proportion of the incumbent candidates reelected. The party had fielded 41 incumbents as candidates and seen 21 of them reelected.

Similarly, Janata Samajwadi party (JSP) has seen just two of the 21 incumbents who sought reelection emerge victorious.  

CPN (Unified Socialist), formed after split of UML, had fielded 18 incumbent chiefs in the recent election. Five of them have been reelected while vote is currently being counted in Triyuga Municipality where the party has fielded Bal Dev Chaudhary who had won the last election on UML ticket.

Loktantrik Samajwadi Party (LSP) had fielded 16 incumbents in the recent election but just three of them have been reelected.

Similarly, RPP has seen just one of the three incumbents it had fielded as candidates get elected. Rastriya Janamorcha and Nepal Workers and Peasants Party had fielded only one incumbent each and both of them have been reelected.

Published Date: Friday, May 27, 2022, 18:48:00

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