The imaginarium of Samridh Mukhiya

Indeed, the artworks in the exhibition range from representations of quantum physics to political allegory, from mental health to the zodiac. And the result is as diverse as it is concise, without a hint of self-indulgence – even in the surreal Things I am grateful for, which was completed in 2018 as part of the series Mantra

A giant oval face with closed eyes is supported on both sides by two hands. The face is sliced like a clean loaf of bread, but the face is unflinching and content. More hands, bonier, hold it up from below: one clutching withered flowers while another appears to be pulling at a loose fabric of skin. 

But the drawing is not violent, representing instead people who have had presence in Mukhiya’s life. 

“I wanted to show how, even with their own problems, people hold on to us and support us,” explains Mukhiya.

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