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N. P. Upadhyaya (Aryal)

Kathmandu: The former UML leader Mr. Madhav Kumar Nepal was mortified in his own home constituency by voters in Rauthat district shouting slogans like, we put it straight, “Madhav Nepal Chor Hai or “Madhav Nepal is a thief”.

A terrified Mr. Nepal left the venue as fast as he could in his government-vehicle.

Similarly, the foreign minister Narayan Khadka when found meeting his voters even at time of the “period of silence” as announced by the Election Commission was hooted in a bizarre manner.

Minister Khadka is a Congressman whose connections with the Western world remains no longer a guarded secret.
Likewise, the information minister, Mr. Gyanedra Bahadur Karki in his home constituency was taken to task in a frightening manner when he went to seek votes for him and the party in the soon-to happen-local level elections.
Mr. Karki was reprimanded by irate voters alleging the minister to have appeared once in a blue moon and that too only at time of the elections.

People shouted slogans against the Minister Karki saying “the MCC man out”, “The MCC man out”….

Mr. Karki reportedly has a greater role in the approval of the MCC from the lower house in Nepal along with others.
Thanks all the political animals managed to save their lives from the increasing wrath of their voters beginning Madhab Nepal, Khadka and Karki-to name a few high flying leaders.

Obviously, as the trend is going in Nepal at the moment, it should now be the turn of Comrade Prachanda-the man installed by Delhi regime for a special mission and that being to control and capture Nepal ultimately to which it is at the moment.

Prachanda, we have been told, was in close proximity with the Delhi regime as early as in the 1990s or even earlier as the Delhi establishment concluded that “it is Prachanda who could, if nourished and shielded well, will be the fittest person to damage Nepal as per the designs of Indian establishment.

And Prachanda accomplished the entire tasks that had been bestowed upon him by his masters seated in NOIDA, Delhi.

In a very secret manner, Madhav Nepal too appears to have been in close contact with the Maoists while they were sheltered in Delhi.

Is Mr. Nepal then a Delhi man? Keep on guessing.

Apparently, Prachanda was the permanent guest ( lived in Delhi for over a decade under RAW protection) of the RAW spy agency, if one were to believe Bharat Dahal-a former Maoist cadre who now is a strong critique of the entire Maoists insurgency and more so of Comrade Prachanda.

Bharat Dahal claims that he saw for himself as to how the Indian Spy agency was shielding Prachanda and his entire team in India including Comrade Mohan Vaidya and CP Gajurel plus Biplav.

And the fun is that both Vaidya and Gajurel now claim themselves as number one “nationalists”.

Thus in a way, the Maoists insurgency of Nepal was designed, structured and a calculatedly an Indian strategy to smash up Nepal, culturally, socially and economically.

It was this time when India designed fake political turmoil to cut down the size of the sitting monarch from an active to a constitutional one.

Later it came to be known that India hit the Nepali monarchy as it was the monarch who used to say no “no” to each and every designs of India which were necessarily aimed at swallowing this sovereign country like Sikkim.

Back to the point:

So, as the political leaning is going and if it is some sort of indication then the now the turn of being insulted should be of J. N Khanal, S. B. Deuba, K. P Oli and the likes to be “uncovered” in public or even chased… Just wait…The process has, better late than never, begun in earnest.

Communist leader Khanal is talked to be a Beijing man. However, his fresh political tilt was discovered to have a distinct bend for the RAW which apparently rendered financial assistance in healing Khanal’s health while the latter was undergoing treatment in a Delhi hospital.

Khanal also looted some crores from the State for his Delhi treatment.

Yet, Beijing considers J. N Khanal as its core man in Nepal. Beijing is wrong.

People say the Indian bend leaders’ days in Nepal are numbered. It appears to be so.

A new set of Nepali youths across the country appear to have concluded that “with the flock of the political animals that have been installed by the Indian regime beginning early 1990s must be chased in such a way that they henceforth do not turn their eyes to remain in the political domain and that these energized home grown Nepali youths have now vowed to shoulder the political charge of the nation into their own hands.

Balendra Sah is one such name who has in a distinguished manner stolen the local level election show for himself.

Followers of Balen Sah take this gentleman (31) as a new phenomenon in Nepal that has emerged only after the India elevated and deputed Nepali leaders have all along duped the nation beginning early 1990s.

Balen hails originally from Terai/Madhesh and by profession is a “structural engineer”.

With the sudden emergence of the Balen phenomenon, a seasoned and also a veteran media man in his own right dubbed Balen as the man close to the former Royal Palace.

Some even accuse him of being former Maoists.

The media man who accused Balen is himself supposedly a man deputed by the RAW agency in Nepal to keep an eye on to the Nepali media men.

The rest is any body’s guess.

Our contention is that isn’t it better to be a man of Nepali king or for that matter Nepali Royalty instead of being a trusted agent of a spy agency of one alien country that has ever remained as Nepal’s “declared” enemy?

Thus when Madhav Nepal, Narayan Khadka and Gyanendra Karki have been insulted by their respective voters, which signals the upcoming or say approaching “political blizzard” that is already in the making against the corrupt and the India serving Nepali political animals.

While we at this news portal would reject any merciless actions against the India bend leaders but would very much wish that this India elevated set must be “boycotted socially” for long time to come.

Let these Mir (?) feel the insult.

If they are boycotted socially would mean much to these parasites who have looted this nation right from the beginning of the 1990.

Bhim Rawal on Sleeping Nepal PM :

On 16 May, Nepal greeted the most Islamophobic Indian Prime Minister Modi in Lumbini to mark the Lord Buddha’s auspicious day.

PM Modi entered Lumbini through bordering Kushinagar, India and practically looted once again this country of its “remaining “natural resources”.

All the Rivers have gone to India….and that too free. 

It is only the Water when we call Nepal’s natural resources.

Thus a mere three hours stay in Lumbini of PM Modi made Nepal once again bankrupt due to the political bankruptcy of India bend Nepali leaders.

A fanatic Hindu PM Modi looted Nepal in a broad day light.

The West Seti river now goes to the pocket of the regional hegemon-the Indian establishment who is also Nepal’s declared enemy.

While the India’s Islamophobic guest Modi was seen worshiping Lord Buddha with all his inner intent and regards, Nepali Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba was seen “restive” each second during his five minutes long worship of Lord Buddha in Lumbini.

Modi’s calm posture was what was appreciated by people who saw him live in their Idiot box worshiping Lord Buddha.

Nepal Prime Minister Deuba was not only sleeping or say taking intermittent nap and releasing “saliva” from his mouth, but he was also seen rubbing the released Saliva from his hands on a regular basis, recalls Bhim Rawal, a communist leader in his own right.

PM Deuba rubbed his salivated hands as if it were “sanitizer”.

He had no handkerchief with him, as was seen in the released social media photographs.

While PM Deuba was napping associated with the continued release of Saliva from his mouth, the guest Indian Prime Minister Modi kept himself seated in his seat of worship until the end.

The napping, salivating and a restive PM Deuba could be seen in the photographs which were instantly posted in several social media here and there much to the interest and insult of the entire nation-Nepal presumably.
Nepali prestige touched its lowest ebb well within seconds, I guess.

Without making any untoward and undesired comments on our sleeping or napping Prime Minister at the international gathering in Lumbini, the poor show of PM Deuba in seconds insulted the entire nation.

Here we present the clip wherein Bhim Rawal has made some comments on sleeping Prime Minister.

In all, the emergence of Balen phenomenon in Nepal is likely to sweep the nation sooner than later.
The blizzard is in the making, I guess.

Balen Sah may not get elected but whatever votes he has so far gathered/garnered at time of the writing this story does tell that Balen has already won the battle even if he is defeated by political tricks.

Does this not mean that the days of those leaders having India bend or elevated by the Indian establishment are numbered?

Thanks to the Balen phenomenon.

We wish the social boycott of the current political leaders who have amassed or say looted the State coffer mercilessly enjoying Indian blessings?

However, fear is that what if Balen Sah too is seduced by the Indian spy agency-the RAW?

Chances remain fair but not impossible. That’s all.

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