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N. P. Upadhyaya (Aryal)

Kathmandu: Nepali observers confirm the “Indian hand” for the unceremonious ouster of Prime Minister Imran Khan in Pakistan last month (April) and the “dangerous” demonstrations that destabilized not only friendly nation Sri Lanka but also forced the sitting Prime Minister Mahinda Rajpaksha to prefer a “grand escapade” to save his and family-men lives.

Mahinda escaped only after his ancestral home of the Rajapkasha family in Medamulana, Hambantota set on fire by protesters. Sri Lanka’s Prime Minister Mahinda had resigned earlier. Amid mass protests over the country’s worst economic crisis since independence”.

A lesson isn’t it for Nepal’s corrupt and India elevated leaders who have looted this sovereign nation beginning early 1990s?

The turn now should be of Nepali political creatures who have thrived in Nepal with Indian blessings.

After Pakistan, violent turmoil in Sri Lanka?

Is it a mere coincidence? Keep on guessing.

Imran Khan claims that he was ousted under a special design crafted by the US, but observers see the Indian machinations in his ouster from the Chair of the Prime Minister.

India needs a Prime Minister in Pakistan like Nawaz Sharif and the likes for some special reasons.

However, Sarmad Ishfaq writing an article a month ago in Modern diplomacy modestly claims that “A US-sponsored regime change is hardly new, and it does not take a student of history to cite examples of such transgressions. Guatemala, Congo, China, Libya, Palestinian Territories, Dominican Republic, Afghanistan, Cuba, Iraq, Iran, Panama, Bolivia, and Poland are just a few countries where the US has interfered in the past. The Washington Post asserts that the “US tried to change other countries’ governments 72 times during the Cold War”.
Be that as it may, expectedly the US did not come to Pakistan to change the regime in Islamabad, however, the US may have in all certainty ordered India, its strategic partner in the QUAD, to accomplish the task.

And as India has the expertise, Nepal is the witness of India’s naked intervention, Imran Khan was toppled by India albeit with the US blessings presumably.

RAW is sufficient to change any regime in South Asia. There is no need of the US to take the trouble when India is at hand.

To recall, prior to Imran Khan becoming the Pakistan Prime Minister, the Indian Prime Minister Modi– also taken as the South Asian hazard- dropped suddenly in Pakistan to wish PM Sharif for his birthday celebrations and that too without meeting the required and the needed “diplomatic” formalities as per the universal conventions.

Some even say that PM Khan was ousted by a section of the “media” in Pakistan which has the blessings and the under table “funding” from the Indian spy agency-the RAW.

Strong rumors have it that India has already made deep penetration in the body politic of the Pakistani State through its infiltration in Pakistan’s so called “vibrant” media under one media man who now hates Imran Khan.

The penetration is deep and is talked to have entered into the inner body politic of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

To recall, in recent times even the “all powerful” Pakistani Military ( former DGISPR) too signaled that some “political animals” were suspected of being “excessively” close to some “alien” agency and pocketing “financial assistances” from alien countries.

Which country? Obviously from India.

In general, talking of South Asia, the alien agency is the RAW which has the “expertise” in fomenting troubles in the neighborhood including Pakistan.

Nepal better understands what RAW and India is for Nepal as we have witnessed India’s ugly and dirty interventions at regular intervals. India does it through its posted agents.

What is most surprising of it all is that Pakistan-the declared rival of India since the very next day of the partition and its “die hard” nationalist population (specifically the media) too have come under the influence of the RAW.

This is weakening Pakistan as a whole clearly.

This does mean that Pakistan no longer remains an independent nation but instead becomes a country like Nepal and Bhutan.
Pakistani strings now lay elsewhere? Unfortunate as it is.

Indian proxies operating in Pakistan? Yes. Hundred percent.

When the media becomes corrupt and behaves like a stooge of India or for that matter the leaders of a particular country exhibit their “loyalty” to a neighboring country then what must be understood is that the “sovereignty and the integrity” of the nation is soon going to evaporate in the ethereal medium sooner than later.

The country ceases to exist ultimately.

Spontaneous Sri Lankan economic crisis or?

In recent years, with the abject failure of India’s “neighborhood” first policy in South Asia, China smoothly entered into those countries which were in many more ways than one “under deep Indian influence”.

Countries like Nepal, Bhutan, and Bangladesh and to some extent Sri Lanka greeted China’s entrance with pleasure and thereby allowed Beijing to increase its influence in these countries.

Talking of Sri Lanka, India was very much against the Chinese penetration in Colombo through the Hambantota port for India thought that such a Chinese presence as a potential security threat to it and the entire region.

The threat was felt too by the advanced countries of the globe under the command of the US plus the strategic QUAD conglomerate.

But this is not all.

In our opinion, India was upset with Mahinda Rajpaksha who while being the President of the Island nation have had wiped out the entire terror machinery-structure of the Tamil separatists under India trained and funded LTTE led by ruthless Prabhakaran in the year 2009.

LTTE was India’s “brain-child” mush the same way as were Nepal Maoists stationed in Delhi under RAW protection.

.India thinks Sri Lankan Tamils as their own “citizens”.

Needless to say, President Mahinda then accomplished the task of wiping out the LTTE terror outfit with the “tacit” support of China and Pakistan both.

Since 2009, Mahinda Rajpaksha has been, let’s presume, the target of the Indian establishment.

Thus, for those who have witnessed the so called “political movement” of Nepal of the year 2005/6, could easily guess that the present “political turmoil” in Colombo that took a violent turn at times could have been the handiwork of the regional “destabiliser”.

Just a guess works only…

However, the India designed movement in Nepal did not see the fleeing of the Monarch Gyanendra, but in the Sri Lankan case, Prime Minister Mahinda had to escape to save his life.

Mahinda too apparently escaped with the Indian help, sources claim which remains yet to be substantiated.

Though the inner details are yet to become public, yet we in Nepal guess that “India took revenge” from Mahinda for having cleansed Colombo from the LTTE outfit-a separatist structure created, trained, and funded by the Indian establishment beginning the days of Indira Gandhi and strengthened by Rajiv Gandhi.

Rajiv later died when a lady suicide bomber exploded her together with Mr. Gandhi.

With the halt of the Civil War in Sri Lanka through the implied military assistance of Beijing and Islamabad, Colombo was seen tilted towards the countries which came as savior.

In the later years, Colombo exhibited its visible inclination towards these two countries which is what appears to have irritated India to the hilt and hence the current demonstrations against the Mahinda and President Gotabaya-the two brothers.

In the meanwhile, a Tweet from President Gotabaya dated May 12, states in part, “the new government will be given the opportunity to present a new program & empowered to take the country forward”.

The Tweet adds, “Steps will be taken to amend the constitution to re-enact the contents of the 19th amendment to further empower the Parliament”.

This means President Gotabaya is already on the move to appease his irate denizens.
A new government has already been formed under Ranil Wikramasinghe.
Ranil is one man army in the Sri Lankan Parliament but yet his appointment has been made as new Prime Minister. But why?
Whose man is Ranil? Who is blessing Ranil?

Sources say that Ranil is a bit India-West bend political man of Sri Lanka.

It remains yet to be seen on how the new government checks the increasing influence of China in the Island nation.
In the mean time, the Sri Lankan General Shavendra Silva in his fresh write up dated May 18, 2022 in Sri Lanka Guardian says praising the Sri Lankan security forces that “,The demands of the general public, broke out due to economic crisis in Sri Lanka subsequently escalated into violence in the last few days at the instigation of various elements and I would like to extend my sincere appreciation for the restraint and understanding you as patient and disciplined soldiers, showed towards restoring law and order in the country”.

Current demonstration apart, the China factor shall hang still on the heads of Colombo for a long time to come, it is presumed.

The Indian anger towards Colombo is first the cleansing of the Tamil minority and then Colombo’s visible proclivity towards Beijing-the declared bête noir of Delhi.

The unseen hands of the US too can’t be ruled out.

All these events woven together brings us all to the “ dark chamber manufacture” of the Debt Trap theory in India’s disinformation laboratory scattered all over the world, more so in Europe run by professional Indian destabilisers.

The Debt trap theory was first coined by India later copied by the entire European and the highly advanced US media which had the one point agenda and that being to “tarnish the image” of emerging China globally.

Needless to say, the emergence of the Quad is to contain China’s increasing influence across the globe.

Notably, these days the Indian unapologetic media trained by the BJP-RSS combine have begun disseminating that after the fall of Pakistan and Sri Lanka, it is likely the turn of Nepal to be declared as a failed country with the load of the Chinese debt trap to which it is “absolutely” not.

Sri Lanka’s current unrest is the mis-management of the economy by the men in power in Colombo-the Gotabaya brothers, let’s admit.

The fact is that India as a strong partner of the US in the QUAD ( Australia, Japan, the US and India itself) is obliged to abide by the instructions of the lone Super Power-the US which, say experts on international relations, wants to contain China through the use and overuse of India in South Asia and much beyond.

The US is trying to seduce India so that India distances itself from the Russian Federation.

While the Nepali observers would wish China and the US to reconcile with each other for the larger benefit of the global good, however, they concurrently wish that China once again teaches a befitting “lesson” to India much the same way as had it during the 1960 India- China war.

India would have been reduced to pieces had there been no Gorkha Regiment in the Indian military service.
The hard reality is that India, contrary to the accepted principles, has been sending the Gorkhali troops (of Nepali descent) to the Chinese and the Pakistani war fronts.

Strong rumors have it that the lame duck and the India bend/submissive/Raw elevated Nepal government has no courage to even remind the Indian regime not to repeat such blunders.

What we have heard from high places sources that at war fronts, the Pakistanis and the Chinese appear reluctant in firing shots at the Gorkha regiment personnel concluding that it would be an act of “killing men from friendly Nepal”.

This gives the impression that Nepal is already an Indian protectorate awaiting formal declaration from the Zee TV News anchor Sudhir Choudhary-the one India’s Godi media who had the distinction of being invited by the Nepal Government under PM Oli.

It was the same Sudhir who had “manufactured” that PM Oli and the Chinese Ambassador were having intimate relations.

The honey trap theory was perhaps coined by Sudhir-the dirty and the ugly Indian media man.

Now that Ranil Wikramasinghe is already the Island’s Prime Minister, India will watch how the new PM behaves and treats the Tamils in Sri Lanka.

Very interestingly, Shrey Khanna writing for the News18 dated May 16 says that “the growing trend of strong India-Sri Lanka bilateral ties is likely to continue with the appointment of Ranil Wickremesinghe as the new Prime Minister of the country. This means that China’s influence to halt the progress of India’s economic projects in Sri Lanka would remain limited”.

Does this mean that the appointment of Ranil Wickremesinghe was made only to appease India and distance China?
This then should mean that Ranil is an India hand?

If so then Ranil’s appointment has been made to cut China’s size down in Sri Lanka.

This then further should mean that the Sri Lankan turmoil or say eruption of violence were all an “instigated affair”?
Recall the Sri Lanka General Shavendra Silva too in his article quoted in the paragraphs above hints that there has been what he calls “instigation of various elements”.

Is it that the Sri Lankan General is hinting at the fact that the Sri Lanka turmoil has the penetration of the alien elements?

To recall, India on occasions is on record to have “dictated” the terms on how to treat Nepal’s Teraians or say the Madhesis who possess close affinity with the population that resided in the adjoining Bihar and UP, India.

The Indian ire against Sri Lanka could once again be taken as the elimination of the LTTE in the year 2009.

Connect the 2009 year to the fresh appointment of Prime Minister Ranil in Sri Lanka.

The China factor in US-Pak ties:

Needless to say, China’s increasing clout in Pakistan and Sri Lanka brought chaos in these two South Asian nations.
The fact is that China is playing double with these countries or else China must have come to assist Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

The fact is also that Imran Khan’s excessive “love and honor” for China and later to Russia too brought him down and also remained a reason for his untimely ouster.

However, Bilawal Bhutto too is on record to have stated recently that “Pakistan-China” were “iron brothers”.

How the US copes with new Pakistani regime, China’s iron brother, will have to be watched.

Though Secretary Blinken recently greeted Bilawal Bhutto in New York wherein he said “Pakistan is geopolitically important for the US”.

How the two countries go together with China along with Pakistan shall determine, perhaps, the upcoming US-Pak ties.

China playing double with Nepal:

China must stop playing double with Nepal and other countries in the South Asian region.

For Nepal, China is not even a reliable partner. Had it been so then China would have not allowed India to jointly trade through Lipulekh pass-a land that belongs entirely to Nepal.

China and India came together for this trading route close on the heels of a time when Nepal was hit by a mega earthquake in 2015.

If China is serious then Beijing is advised to ease the economic crisis of friendly nation-Sri Lanka at the earliest.

The South Asian nations need China only to “balance and lessen” the increasing penetration and infiltration of Indian establishment in their internal as well as external affairs. Or elese China is not even their distant relative, to speak bluntly. That’s all.

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