Sunita Dangol is not a UML leader. She is just a failed employee: Rameshwar Shrestha | Ratopati

KATHMANDU, May 5: Rameshwar Shrestha is a common candidate of the ruling alliance  for the post of deputy mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City representing the CPN (Unified Socialist).

As many as 21 candidates, including independent candidates, are contesting for various posts in the upcoming local level elections in the metropolis. However, it is apparent that Sunita Dangol, CPN-UML’s candidate for the same post, and Shrestha are two candidates who are likely to have a tough competition in the final showdown.

When asked about his competition, Shrestha maintained that Dangol is not a UML leader. She is just a failed employee.

Ratopati recently talked with Shrestha about his candidacy and preparation for the upcoming polls. Here is the portion of that conversation:

As the ruling alliance has fielded your candidacy for the post of deputy mayor of KMC, you seem busy with the election campaign. What sort of response are you getting?

People of Kathmandu are supporting the ruling alliance. They seem happy with the decision of the ruling alliance to forge an electoral alliance. I am confident that they will vote for the alliance during the election.

Aren’t you being left behind by your competitors?

We are currently holding our campaigns and focused on community visits and interactions. Yes, we do believe that we are doing less for publicity. But, it is a fact that we are the only party with the plans and programs of building the metropolis. Others do not have such plans. 

What are your plans and agendas?

We will maintain good governance in KMC and manage the waste by utilizing it in productive ways. Besides, we are focused on improving the education, health and employment sectors. We will invest 20 percent of the budget in enhancing the health sector. We are planning to establish a hospital of KMC itself where elderly and poor people will get free treatments. 

Likewise, we will invest in improving the status of government schools in the metropolis and provide scholarships to hardworking and poor students.

As the members of the ruling coalition have failed to forge an absolute electoral alliance,  what sort of results are you expecting for the ruling alliance in KMC?

It is true that we have failed to forge an electoral alliance in many of wards in the metropolis. However, the alliance is strong as a whole. Every member of the coalition is supporting each other. So, I think results will be in our favor.

KP Sharma Oli has recently maintained that except UML’s candidates, other candidates in KMC are not worthy of viewing as candidates. What do you say?

Are candidates of his party capable? We all know what sort of remarks are being made about UML’s candidate for the post of KMC’s mayor.

Besides, the one UML has fielded as their candidate for the post of deputy mayor is not even a member of their party. They might have given her a membership afterwards but she is nothing more than a failure. I don’t know on what basis UML decided to field her candidacy. 

I am incharge of the Valley Youth Force and an educated candidate. KP Oli can dislike me but cannot call me incapable. I am currently doing a PHD. 

Many believe that Nepali Congress might not fully support you. What do you think?

It is not true. Nepali Congress will fully support me. Nepali Congress does not want any other candidate except me to win the election. Members of the coalition are faithful toward the election. We will certainly win.

UML’s candidate Dangol is quite popular among people of Kathmandu. Do you believe you can beat her?

There is no doubt. It is true that our main competitor is UML but as I have already mentioned Sunita Dangol is not a UML leader. But, I was once a UML leader. I am receiving calls from many of my friends there and they are supporting me. Dangol might garner some independent votes but no UML cadres will vote for her.

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