Election Commission seeks explanation from Keshav Sthapit

The Election Commission has sought explanation from CPN-UML’s candidate for mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City Keshav Sthapit.

The Election Commission has asked Sthapit to explain within 24 hours his misbehavior with a social campaigner for asking questions about allegations of sexual harassment against him.

“You’re nice lady, but tongue is not okay,” Sthapit had told campaigner Bhawana Raut when she asked Sthapit about the #MeToo allegations during an interaction program on Thursday.

The Election Commission has also sought explanation from the 45 non-governmental organizations (NGO) that issued a statement demanding revocation of Sthapit’s candidacy. Pointing that the issue of whether an accused can be made candidate or not is related to the party concerned it has asked the NGOs to respond within 24 hours with the facts.

Sthapit, who quipped that someone who is not mired in controversy cannot be Keshav Sthapit immediately after filing nominations, has been playing by his own rule book stirring controversy almost every day.

He accused independent candidate Balen Shah of hiding his Madhesi identity on Sunday. 

“There seems to be this kid Balen Shah. This is an international fraud (sic),” Sthapit stated addressing a party program in Kathmandu on Sunday. “Do listen youths, he says he was born in Kathmandu and he is a hill Thakuri while introducing himself to me. What was revealed yesterday is he is Sah from Madhes. What would happen if one who has committed fraud at the beginning is brought here?”

He called Shah a registered fraud. “Fraud at the beginning! Registered fraud! Can one lie to the whole Kathmandu? Shouldn’t a man from Madhes come with courage for mayor? He doesn’t have any courage. He never takes off his goggles means he doesn’t have power to look people in the eye. One should talk sitting face to face.”

Published Date: Monday, May 2, 2022, 13:58:00

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