Nepal progresses in ICAO air safety audit

Kathmandu, April 26

Nepal’s air safety rating has increased as per the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) safety audit.

The Nepal Air Safety Audit team as per its preliminary policy has been able to keep the total compliance rate to 70.1 per cent with a rise of three per cent from the earlier score.

At a press conference organised here Monday, the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) shared that Nepal’s compliance rate is above the average in ICAO’s air safety audit.

On the occasion, CAAN Director-General Pradeep Adhikari said Nepal had been able to impart a message that its sky is safe by increasing the safety audit score by three per cent than before.

Yet, the European Commission-imposed air restriction on Nepali airlines’ flights has not been lifted despite its rise in the safety rating of the ICAO audit. The CAAN believes that this progress would surely help Nepal in the coming days.

The European Commission’s decision to blacklist the country has barred aircraft belonging to Nepali airline companies from the European skies since 2013.

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