Kailali murder case: Arjun Das was murdered by 10 people only because a mobile phone was stolen | Ratopati

KATHMANDU, April 15: Arjun Das, 25, from Janaki Rural Municipality-9 of Kailali district was murdered by 10 people only because a mobile phone was stolen, according to the police.

The police have already arrested four people involved in the crime from Belheya, Rupandehi. 

Prior to this, the police had arrested Kamal Saud and he is currently in police custody as per a ruling of the District Court, Kailali.

The four arrested recently have been identified as Manoj Bhandari, 19, Sumit Saud, 19, Bam Bahadur Bohora and Roni Pariyar. 

Dead body of Das was discovered in a community forest on January 3. The deceased was beheaded.

Why was Das killed?

Three days before Das murder, Kamal Saud lost his mobile phone. Kamal Saud was suspecting that Sumeet Saud might have stolen his phone. Sumeet was then beaten after being accused of stealing the phone. Knowing that Kamal beat Sumeet, Manoj Bhandari and Bam Bahadur Bohora stole Kamal’s Nitravet 10 ( a kind of drug) worth Rs 25,000 and hid it in the jungle.

Sumeet later came to learn that Arjun Das had stolen Kamal’s phone and given it to Harke Bhat and returned the phone to Kamal, according to the police.

These people, Manoj Bhandari, Sumeet Saud, Bam Bahadur Bohora, Sushil Mayal, Dilip Das, Badal BK and Kiran Darnal, then planned to beat Arjun Das, viewing him as a key reason for all the incidents – Kamal losing his phone and Sumeet being beaten.

On January 2, all these people including Arjun Das gather in the community forest to take drugs. They take drugs and Arjun gets beaten by 10 people. They tie him to a tree and behead him using a ‘Khukuri’.

Next day, six of those involved in the murder escapes to Delhi, India.

Of the accused people, five are still at large.


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