Dhiraj Bastola – A Man With The Dream And Plan | Kathmandu Tribune

What were your priorities when you were 14? There must be so many things that would be going around in your young, restless mind. But, setting up a business empire must not have been a part of the plan, right? That is exactly what Dhiraj Bastola was thinking when he was 14. Right from a very young age, Dhiraj had the desire to become an independent individual. When he turned 18 and it was time for him to enroll in a college, he decided not to attend college as he did not want to quit his education while doing business. By then, he had set his heart on the trading business and wanted to try his luck as an entrepreneur.

With his family’s support he started to invest money in trading and in a short period of time, he was earning enough money to invest in other businesses. He said, “There were days when I would just find random spots that I could crash in my car in for the night. During the day, I would park the car near coffee shops, so that I could use their wi-fi and study. Days were passing by and nothing substantial was happening. The struggle was taking a toll on me and soon”. During these trying times, he saw a glimmer of hope when he got into the trading business. Although things were still difficult, he now had the legal means to do business and be an entrepreneur. When the going gets tough, the tough get going, they say. Perhaps, those words were ringing in Dhiraj’s mind at that time as he promised himself that he will give it his all and do everything it takes to achieve his dream.

Slowly, things started getting better. His hard work, dedication, and communication skills made Dhiraj stumble upon several big opportunities and meet important people who paved the way for him to soar higher in his business. For two years, he bought and sold several shares and made a neat profit. In the third year, he realized he was ready to take the leap and established his new petrol pump company. After this point, there was no looking back for him. Dhiraj was not somebody who would sit and reminisce about his past achievements. He believed in looking right into the eyes of the future. He decided to use the profits earned by the company in fuelling new start-ups. Instead of restricting himself to his already thriving trading and oil business, he ventured into several other businesses and left a strong mark in each of them.

Three years back, Dhiraj Bastola was a man who was young, struggling, and almost penniless today, he successfully runs multiple businesses at the age of 17 and the tales of his achievements and glories have traveled far and wide. Apart from being a prolific businessman, Dhiraj is a bike enthusiast, and Nepal stock trader and wields a lot of influence on social media as a public figure. He is the owner of five different companies which have given employment opportunities to hundreds of employees. In just three years, this man turned around his life and proved to the world that if you have faith and work hard to achieve your goals, the impossible breaks down to three words – I AM POSSIBLE. Many dreams to live the luxurious Nepalese dream, Dhiraj Bastola had the faith and the perseverance to achieve it.

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