Our elections, leaders and their same old promises | Ratopati

Immaculate promises and the punctual presence of politicians can only be witnessed on the doorstep of elections. Since the inception of democracy, political parties have been forced back to their constituencies to assure their territorial hegemony and gather sentiments from local voters. As a grown up voter and member of a similar society, I have been consciously observing these activities for at least the last 25 years. 

Nothing novel is seen and heard on these occasions. Those divided by ideology and principles are united by vested interests and goals. Democracy intuitively delivers the right to vote; and contemporary social standings are set to ensure citizens can vote for either one of available candidates. There are primarily two methods political parties are imposing on the general public to guarantee a vote – discouraging no-vote right and incorporating youths as cadres which has created a consequence where who advocates no-vote or who declares isolation from political campaigns is nominated aloof. 

Any form of awareness is a positive step forward in the course of civilization. Political awareness is one such vital awareness. Unfortunately, the same awareness went through metamorphosis and has appeared as an indoctrination. In plain words, awareness of a particular disease does not necessarily mean acquiring the disease itself. Independent criticism plays an inevitable part in changing the course of politics and history at the same time. Especially the naive voters, potential to cast valuable votes, are never convinced whom to vote rather they are schooled in what to vote according to the insignia of a political party. 

Deep rooted faith in organizationally distributed ideology is binding a tier of the population which is resisting wave of individual contribution and recognition to acquire a position in the social and national sphere. It cannot be avoided that the power of people and sovereignty is the backbone of democracy and vital for pledging rule of law. A silver lining prevails where somehow aware and concerned members of conventional political parties are seeking a way out to embrace change, nevertheless those concerned often seem reluctant to take risks of standing out of the axis and act individually. 

Additional wave is an alternative choice of power that flows through the aspiration of independent campaigners or those who are socially recognized and celebrated for their contribution in national and international scopes. The latest election has assured some bright symptoms for alternative agendas however that was sabotaged by the same leaders being disintegrated because of their personal deviations and interests that again could not convince the new generation of voters. Contrary to the expectations, voters magnate towards the same conventional and long running parties and ideologies. Each occasion when these campaigns exhibit disappointment, it is easy to justify the essence and validity of traditional political agendas. 

Now, let’s discuss what myth is. Myth is a widely accepted belief which is seldom wholesomely true. This rules, despite the absence of optimism and ray of hopes, citizens are bound to squeeze in categorical obligations to choose a candidate who is best among the worst. Diverse intellectual environment dreams of establishing a country with fresh thinkers, planners, legislators and executives on the verge of general and state elections. Regrettably, we encounter exhausted and multiple tested leaders who have learnt to swindle enthusiasm and falsely swear improvements until the next elections. This is an untiring circle of muddle, we believe true, thus of course, is a myth, I believe thrives generations to come. 

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